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“One size doesn’t really fit all” especially when it comes to products like skin care and hair care. Everyone has their own needs and specific challenges which can’t be met by one standard product for all. Thankfully the beauty or skin care industry has picked up this scent. Now there are brands that will customize your skin care regimen according to your skin needs. I recently reviewed a customized skin care regimen by SkinKraft and this time I got an opportunity to try out a Personalized Hair Care Kit from Freewill.

The process with Freewill is almost the same where I had to go through a multiple choice questionnaire for an assessment and according to my responses on that, a personalized hair care kit was designed. It also gave me an option of choosing the color and fragrance for the product! The options were some fruits and I chose my favorite Bluberry 🙂

About the Looks!

The products arrived within a week after placing the order. The products were packed nice and secure in a multilayer packaging. The products were nicely wrapped in a paper inside a white cardboard box from the brand, which was then secured and packed inside the brown courier box.

There were three bottles inside; one Shampoo, one Conditioner and one Serum. The shampoo and conditioner came in transparent pet bottles through which the light blue colored product was visible. Both the bottles had pump caps with lock and open feature. I find this feature very nice because this makes the product travel friendly. The best part? The bottles had my name printed on them! 😀

The serum came in a small transparent glass bottle with a dropper cap. All the information about the product such as ingredients, price, shelf life, quantity, etc are printed on the bottles.

Freewill Personalized Hair Care Kit Review| RougePouts
Freewill Personalized Hair Care Kit Review| RougePouts

Prices – 

Shampoo 950/- for 250 ml

Conditioner 950/- for 150 ml

Serum 499/- for 30 ml

My Experience with Freewill Personalized Hair care kit!

Shampoo The pump doesn’t dispense enough amount at once so I need at least 3-4 pumps. The product is quite runny for a shampoo. At first, I was surprised and a little wary of its performance looking at the runny consistency but it turned out just fine. It lathered very nicely and cleaned my hair thoroughly without making them dry.

Usually I don’t have any hairball but in monsoons, it’s another story altogether. I lose hair like crazy. This year it’s still better. I wasn’t losing as much I as I used to. This shampoo has not yet been able to curb that but I guess it’s just natural. I will keep a track of it until after the monsoon is over to check its performance on the same.

The fragrance is hardly noticeable. It was only when I deliberately focused I realized there was a very faint pleasant fragrance. This is really great for people who have allergies to strong scents.

Conditioner My hair gets very frizzy in monsoons and I always need a conditioner to tame it. Though I use a conditioner all round the year with a few days of exception. My hopes with this conditioner were exactly this.  The conditioner is quite thick and creamy as I expected it to be. The amount that comes out with each pump is almost the same as shampoo, less. In it’s case, I usually need 4 pumps. I leave it for a minute, rinse it off and towel dry my hair. My hair felt instantly softer and smoother.

Serum The serum was sent to me perhaps to repair the damaged ends of my hair. To be honest I don’t have any split ends but due to coloring the ends have become slightly kinky. So the serum would be tackling that. It’s infused with Vitamin E and Argan Oil that is supposed to nourish my hair. The directions are to take 2-3 drops and apply on the towel dried hair focusing on the lengths and ends, not on scalp.

The consistency of this serum is quite weird. Its runny but not like water, it’s sticky, in fact, kind of slimy. I take 3-4 drops because 2-3 drops seemed way less for my hair, and rubbed it on the ends only. I have used it 4 times now and to be very honest, I haven’t seen any significant or noticeable difference. I guess serum is the kind of product that will take some time to show the results and 4 times is just not enough. I am hoping that the results will be visible after using for another couple of months.

Overall Feeling – I love the results from the shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels very soft, smooth and yet voluminous. I haven’t experienced frizz during monsoons for the first time after years! That’s a huge thing! All the frizz control shampoos and conditioners I used earlier, except for one other brand, made my hair fall flat and heavy. This one is just perfect! I can’t stop flipping my hair!

I love the fact that these products don’t have SLS, Parabens or any sort of drying alcohols and they are made in India! 🙂

On the other hand, the serum is something I would need to be patient with and wait for the results to show. I am quite optimistic looking at the performance of the other two products. I would highly recommend Freewill to you all! It’s the magic of the personalized kit that addresses the concerns for my hair specifically. It will surely work for you too!


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