Winter Skin care with oils!!

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Hey lovelies!!

A midst of this winter festivities, skin care problems go hand in hand with winters, actually not only winters but all the year round. Today, I’d like cover a topic which I hope will help resolve at least some if not all of the skin problems.

Oils have been an integral part of daily regimen in different ways throughout centuries. When there were no cosmetic or commercials creams or serums, our great grandmas used oils mixed with different other products or just oil alone for skin care! I’ll cover the four easily available oils in our homes and share their skin care benefits, which I’ve discovered myself!

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Winter Skin Care With Oils!!

Mustard Oil: –

This oil has been used in preparing food and pickles since a long time in India, and also for skin care. Mustard oil is a rich source of Vitamin A, E, fatty acids and antioxidants, all excellent for a healthy skin.

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Winter Skin Care With Oils – Mustard Oil!!

Massaging with this oil before taking bath not only increases blood circulation but also provides warmth required in winters. It has excellent moisturizing properties and the dryness will never be experienced. Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties will benefit you in a long run. If mixed with some homemade face packs it will help retain the moisture of the skin and will add to the glow.

Coconut Oil: –

My mother had been massaging my head with this oil since I was a kid. So has many other mothers. Apart from its well-known benefits on hair health and beauty, its skin care properties either have been least known or ignored.

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Winter Skin Care With Oils – Coconut Oil!!

First thing first about this oil is its anti-aging properties. A little massage on your face especially at the crow’s feet, under eye area, smile lines or any other fine lines one might have, will show a significant result within a few weeks!

This oil works wonders for burn marks or pigmentation due to sun burns or post pregnancy pigmentation of cheeks and stretch marks.

I had a big burn mark on my right cheek years ago, which disappeared after a religious application of coconut oil. Thank God, I followed my mother’s advice and now I don’t have that black spot there! I also developed heavy discoloration on my cheeks during my pregnancy which I also got rid of with the help of coconut oil massage before going to the bed and application of sunscreens with SPF 50+ during the days. It really works wonders!!!! Tried and tested!!!!

I didn’t have any experience of stretch marks but some of my family members did and they claim that coconut oil helped them getting rid of those!! J

Almond Oil: –

We all love eating almonds, its healthy and tasty. It’s good for your skin both when eaten and when used as an oil. Almond oil is a great moisturizer and its composition is similar to the oil babies excrete to keep their skin healthy (Read somewhere)!! So yes using this oil is better than using any other commercial baby oils. This oil is great for dry skin which nourishes and makes the skin super soft!
Winter Skin Care With Oils – Almond Oil!!

It also has anti-ageing properties as well as helps improve one’s complexion by minimizing the dark spots or discolorations on face. It’s an awesome massage oil and helps heal the chapped lips, dry heels or elbows and itchiness due to dryness. Excellent to be used in winters!  This oil has also been known for its properties of bringing relief for soreness, irritations and burns on skin. Plus! if applied before going to bed at night, it gives a healthy glow to your face the next morning!!!!

Olive Oil: –

Olive oil has been known for its health reasons as well as benefits of its massage on body and hair. It can also be a part of your beauty vanity and your daily beauty routine! Olive oil being not very greasy works as a great gentle moisturizer and fights dry skin problems like eczema, inflammation, psoriasis and itchiness. It can be applied directly on the skin or mixed with your moisturizer or face packs to increase the effectiveness. Being rich in Vitamin A and E it gives added benefits to the skin.

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Winter Skin Care With Oils – Olive Oil!!

Olive oil also works as a great makeup remover! It’s great especially for eye and waterproof makeup. It dissolves the make-up and hence it comes out easily without the need of rubbing. While other makeup removers can be loaded with chemicals and can be harsh on the skin, this oil will make sure that your skin plumps up, feels soft, healthy and glows!

Olive oil also contains the anti-ageing properties which helps reduce fine lines and pre-mature ageing due to stress. This oil can also help in getting a smooth shave by reducing the shave rash. By applying a fine layer of olive oil on your skin before shaving will help you get a smooth and moisturized shave.

That’s all for today, I hope you all like this article and it proves helpful for you!

Enjoy life and have fun!! 😀

Have an awesome day!! XOXO


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