Wikka Bespoke Face and Body Oil Review

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If you remember I got my customized Wikka Bespoke Face and Body Oil from Rupal Tyagi, Wikka’s owner. If you don’t then click here for the post. Well, under her guidance and instructions we got to create our own customized face and body oil and I have been using it off and on this winter, and actually still using it 🙂 So, I thought its time to share my views and thoughts on the same!

About The Looks!

The oil comes in sleek rectangular plastic bottle with a gold cap. On one side of the bottle the name of the brand, the product and creator’s name is mentioned. The packaging is pretty simple and has an earthy and traditional touch. I like it!

Wikka Bespoke Face and Body Oil Review
Wikka Bespoke Face and Body Oil Review
Wikka Bespoke Face and Body Oil Review
Wikka Bespoke Face and Body Oil Review

Price – Sorry, but I have no idea about how much would it cost.

Net Content – 100 ml

Ingredients – 

Base oils  Grapeseed and Avocado Oil

Essential oils – Basil, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Geranium

My thoughts and views about the Bespoke face and body oil!

This oil was customized according to my skin needs and it was supposed to get me some relief from my Sinusitis and provide anti- aging benefits along with suiting my combination skin. Since it is an oil it can easily get heavy and greasy and clog pores and result in break outs.


Therefore, the oil was used in a couple of different ways and all of them work equally well for me! This oil is light and not too heavy but ideal for night time use. If you wear it during the day there will be a little bit of visible greasiness on the face. Also, when you sleep the oil gets absorbed in the skin in a much better way as compared to the day time when the skin is not in resting mode. I used this oil at night time most of the time in place of the night cream. When I woke up the next day I was surprised to see all the oil absorbed by the skin and it was looking pretty glow-y, soft and rejuvenated.

Wikka Bespoke Face and Body Oil Review
Wikka Bespoke Face and Body Oil Review
Wikka Bespoke Face and Body Oil Review
Wikka Bespoke Face and Body Oil Review

The scent of the oil is a real aromatherapy, it gives a little bit of relief in my Sinus headaches but not too much. I think may be it was due to less amount of the eucalyptus oil as compared to the other oils mixed in it. I am no expert in it I am just guessing. But the scent is really good and refreshing and opens up the senses.

I do see the anti-aging benefits using this oil. It keeps my skin well nourished and healthy. I really loved it. Oil in itself is very important for our face as it keeps wrinkles at bay, the right amount and type is the key. Our natural skin oil has the similar role, some people have very less oil resulting in dry skin, some have optimum amount resulting in normal skin, some have a little more than required on some particular areas resulting in combination skin and some have excess of it resulting in oily skin. Bespoke oil had oils for every skin. I am not sure of the results on the oily skin though, however, my combination skin loved it! A little bit goes a long way on the face.

Now coming to its performance on the body, since it was pretty light and unfortunately my body skin is super dry this oil was not enough for my skin in the winter. I am sure it would be good to use in spring and pre-summer season. But for the face it was really great!! I loved it!!

Overall Rating
  • Aroma
  • Therapy
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin friendliness


I love this oil for my face and anti-aging benefits. Its pretty light and sinks in the skin during the sleep. Ideal for night time use, this oil will leave your face soft, nourished, supple, and glowing in the morning.I would need another customization for my dry skinned body as it was pretty light for that Hehehehe I certainly recommend everyone to try these customized oils by wikka!


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