Vogue Wedding Show 2016 and Interaction with Top Designers!

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Couple of weeks back I was invited to attend the very famous Vogue Wedding Show 2016 and so I did!

Vogue Wedding Show 2016, India’s most exclusive bridal extravaganza, concluded with top couturiers and brands showcasing the latest in wedding fashion and trends!!

Curated by Vogue India, the Vogue Wedding Show 2016, a 3-day luxurious wedding exhibition from August 5-7 in partnership with the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, showcased the finest, latest and most exclusive services in the bridal world at Taj Palace, New Delhi. I attended the show on August 6 and 7.

Vogue Wedding Show 2016
Vogue Wedding Show 2016

As expected it was a mega event where India’s top couturiers like Anita Dongre, Falguni and Shane Peacock, Gaurang, Gaurav Gupta, INDIAN BY MANISH ARORA, JADE by Monica & Karishma, Manish Malhotra, Misha Lakhani, Payal Singhal, Sabyasachi, Shantanu & Nikhil, Tarun Tahiliani and Varun Bahl, showcased their exclusive and latest wedding collections. The invitees could make their selection in a private and relaxed environment, and enjoy one-on-one consultations with masters of their craft who effortlessly navigate the world of wedding planning.

I had the pleasure of interacting with four of the very renowned designers Falguni and Shane Peacock, Tarun Tahiliani, Anita Dongre and Payal Singhal. Let me give you gist of the same –

Falguni and Shane Peacock – Falguni described the collection as “marriage of western to the Indian, like a french girl in distress falls in love with a prince from Jodhpur. It has got the Indian elements fused with western silhouettes to make something spectacular.” On asking if they have an element always common in all their collections throughout, Shane replied “Edginess.” “The styling and design always have some kind of edginess which makes the bride stand out than any normal bride.” What was the major element in this year’s bridal couture, to which she responded “Our focus in this season’s collection was embellishments and the deep and darker colors. Usually we work with nudes and this time they have picked up darker and deeper colors for our collection!” She also suggested the brides-to-be that they should plan everything from their hair-styling to make up for all the different occasions and try something different which works the best for them!

Vogue Wedding Show 2016 - Falguni and Shane Peacock!
Vogue Wedding Show 2016 – Falguni and Shane Peacock!

Tarun Tahiliani – Describing his collection he said ” I call it as the last dance of the courts. There should be lightness and finesse in the designs, a flow or a movement like a dancer should have. To make it contemporary and it belongs in even those traditions” He also mentioned that since in the technique, Mukesh the taar is not very fine and is little harsh on the skin, so they use very fine little crystals made by swarovski which gives a similar effect like that of Mukesh.”  He suggested all the brides “Just be yourself and not to over do with too much of jewelry, or make up or too heavy attire. Just keep it natural and contemporary and you would look beautiful.”

Vogue Wedding Show 2016 - Tarun Tahiliani!
Vogue Wedding Show 2016 – Tarun Tahiliani!

Anita Dongre – While planning her designs she always have three words that describes her collection; she said ” My natural style is simplistic, elegant and feminine. I use a very ethnic craft like Gota-Patti but in a very subtle and elegant and feminine manner.” She also mentioned that there is hardly any showstopper in her shows and if there is someone, then it all depends on the mood of the design or if someone fits beautifully in it. On asking how does she plans or chooses the colors for every season she said ” It comes from within, I feel a certain color a season and we work and work on it and develop that particular shade, like this season there is particular red, an orange and a pink we have done. There is a shade that you have it in your mind and by trial and error you come with that shade and make it look new and different!”

Vogue Wedding Show 2016
Vogue Wedding Show 2016

Payal Singhal – I asked her about her inspiration behind this year’s couture collection to which she shared ” I wanted to explore the idea of mixing pieces that very international and modern in texture and silhouette but very Indian and traditional in terms of fabric and embroideries. Just in the times of 50s and 60s the maharani’s like Gayatri devi used to mix international designers with Indian textile and look phenomenal.” On asking about any major element standing out in this year’s collection, she said ” We have explored on two elements, one of them is the concept of Choli and Dupatta, which have given a twist of like a high-low tunic which can be worn without a dupatta and the other one was embroideries in floral patterns and not to make it fully encrusted with stones which makes the garment too heavy” She also said that her garments are fuss-free that looks luxurious and make a statement but are effortless.

While wedding fairs are a common feature in recent times, there is nothing that caters solely to affluent families with big marriage budgets. Identifying this need-gap, Vogue India’s exclusive, ‘by invitation only’ Vogue Wedding Show acts as the final arbitrator of luxury for discerning audiences, connecting them to the finest brands in the bridal space.

Launched in 2013 and given the overwhelming response it received, Vogue India launched The Vogue Bridal Studio in 2014, with an attempt to bring the city’s elite a preview of the main event in August and a chance to interact with distinguished representatives of the fashion and bridal couture industry.

Guests also had the opportunity to attend masterclasses and interact with an enviable line-up of industry experts like Vogue India’s Fashion Director- Anaita Shroff Adajania, skin-care specialist Dr. Harshna Bijlani, make-up specialist Namrata Soni, celebrity hairstylist Avan Contractor, wedding planner Vandana Mohan and nutritionist Kinita Kadakia Patel, USL-Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador, North India, Daniel Jones and Taj Palace’s Master Chef, among others.

I had the pleasure of attending Namrata Soni’s and Harshana Bijlani’s masterclasses! They were highly informative and helpful sessions, not only for a bride-to-be but for any one who wants to know more and learn more! Where Namrata Soni taught various techniques and tips on how to do a certain make up look, she also suggested the tools and the products to achieve them and answered to a lot of questions coming from the guests. Dr. Harshana Bijlani on the other hand, gave a lot of information on how to take care of the skin, and what techniques can be used to get rid of or reduce certain skin related problems. She also informed us about the safety standards. Broke a lot of myths shared some surprising information which we had no idea of!

Vogue Wedding Show 2016 - Namrata Soni
Vogue Wedding Show 2016 – Namrata Soni
Vogue Wedding Show 2016 - Dr. Harshana Bijlani
Vogue Wedding Show 2016 – Dr. Harshana Bijlani

Not only this! Vogue India handpicked some of the finest jewelers in India to showcase some spectacular wedding jewelry, namely, Amrapali, ANJALI BHIMRAJKA FINE JEWELS, Bespoke Vintage Jewels, Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas, Diacolor – Fine Contemporary Jewels, Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang, HAZOORILAL LEGACY – South Extension, HOUSE OF SURANA By Pankaj Surana, Khanna Jewellers, Kishandas & Co. for Sabyasachi, Mehta & Sons by Narendra S.M., Moksh – Fine Unseen Jewels, Raj Mahtani Couture Jewels, Rare Heritage and SUNITA SHEKHAWAT JAIPUR, among many others. Also, there was a dedicated space for a ‘Sari Pavilion’ comprising sarees from different regions of the country, exhibited by names like Latha Puttanna, MYRA by Anju Narain, Naina Jain, Ratanshi Kheraj Sarees, Vani Anand, and others.

I have made a vlog on the same to give you an inside look of the show. I am sorry the interactions with the designers are not very audible, it mainly due to a lot of background noise. You can click below to watch or you go to this link to watch on youtube – https://goo.gl/5jtigl



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