Vivo V5 shares a perfect setting for a Perfect Selfie

“Selfie”. Who knew that small six-letter word would play such an important role in our lives! I might be true if I said that everyone on this earth knows this word and its meaning whatever language they might speak! It has been revolutionary and it gave technology an opportunity to win people’s hearts. How? Keep reading 🙂
We all have phones and almost all of us are on social media. Now, today the social media is just not casual or random anymore. One must look good and if possible, perfect! To look that good you need good pictures and for that, a great camera. When we think of selfies, we wouldn’t want to carry a bulky DLSR every time and everywhere! We need something compact and portable and easy to use! And that is why we rely on phone cameras. But is there any camera that can provide you a perfect selfie without any artificial lights or DLSR like settings?
I would answer to that question as, Yes! When I buy a new phone, I always first see the specifications of the camera and then its internal memory. These two things decide which phone will I go for. For a phone camera to be good it should have the number of megapixels on the higher side. The more the megapixels the more the clarity and better picture quality. Can you remember what was the highest number of megapixels did you hear in a front camera of a phone, the last time? Does 12 or 16 come in your mind? I bet yes. But if I told you that there is one that has even more and is the only one and the first such phone! Not just this, it actually is a front “moonlight” camera! Now can you imagine the perfect selfie setting! Yes, that’s what I am talking about!


Vivo introduces its new phone V5 with the first ever 20 Megapixel front moonlight camera phone, providing you a perfect setting for a perfect selfie! This 20 Megapixel camera creates powerful high-resolution images with extra ordinary clarity which makes you look your best always! The best part is the moonlight, which is much softer than the regular flashlight, it creates a diffused studio like lighting which gives you a soft radiant complexion every time you click a selfie! With such powerful front camera and the wonderful moonlight, the camera is pretty light in weight, thus making it the best available option if you are selfie crazy and want to look your best!

No matter where you are, no matter what is time and no matter what is the weather like! You will always get your perfect selfies with the new Vivo V5 with its perfect settings! The design of the phone looks classy, premium and chic! Its 4GB RAM gives this phone the power to handle the high-resolution images and faster processing and sharing! It’s not over yet! The 32 GB ROM gives you ample space to store all those wonderful selfies you clicked! So the Vivo V5 stands tall in the selfie game and you can confidently take the leap of faith and be sure of falling in the right hands! So what are waiting for? Go look your best with the new Vivo V5 20 Megapixel front moonlight camera and in the mean while, enjoy the commercial below! Ciao!



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