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After two impressive boxes, Vanity Cask is back with another box for the month of June and it’s called as the “Flawless Edition” box. By just the name you get a slight idea about its contents. I was honestly pretty excited for this one after having a good experience with the previous two. Today I am going to share my thoughts on the Flawless Edition Box by Vanity Cask!

About The Looks!

The packaging of the box is absolutely the same all the time. I have described it in my previous posts here and here! In short, the box is black in color with a beautiful vintage table and mirror printed on it with the name of the brand. Inside there is a bright pink pouch which has all the products inside.

Vanity Cask June Flawless Edition Box Review!

Price – 999/-

My thoughts on the Vanity Cask June Flawless Edition Box!

The first thing I saw on opening the box was a lot of coupons! In total there were 4 coupons from brands and skin services! As always there is a booklet as well, listing and explaining all about the products inside. Now, when I open up the pouch and peek in, I came to a kind of shock! There was full sized product inside! While I was taking everything out I thought now there must be one product less in this month’s box. However, I was wrong! There were still 5 products from different brands!

Vanity Cask June Flawless Edition Box Review!
Vanity Cask June Flawless Edition Box Review!
Vanity Cask June Flawless Edition Box Review!

Products in the box!

  1. Comfort Zone Skin Treatments & Pro-Face Kits
  2. Gulnare Aloe & Vit E Face Cream
  3. The Nature’s Co. Fuller’s Earth Face Pack
  4. Votre Multivitamin & Rejuvenating Night Creme
  5. VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk
Vanity Cask June Flawless Edition Box Review!
Vanity Cask June Flawless Edition Box Review!

So the full-size product in the box was the VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk and its 100 ml!! This is the first time that we got a full-size product in the box and is certainly a wonderful surprise! Now even if they have full-size product in the box they still haven’t cut short the number of products in it. The next is a kit from Comfort Zone. This kit has 5 sachets of different products. They are, cleansing milk, tonic, cream, serum and corrector. The quantities are certainly less but it’s been balanced by the number of sachets and the full-size product. This also counts for the entry of another new brand in the box which is awesome. Any customer would want to try any other brand apart from the regular ones.

The next product I would talk about is the Gulnare Aloe & Vitamin E Face Cream. This again is a big size as compared to the other two which I will talk about after this one. The quantity mentioned is 30 ml which is actually a lot for a sample. I haven’t heard of this brand before but I will do some research. Again, it counts as an entry of a new brand! The next is Votre multi-vitamin and Rejuvenating Night Cream. The size is good and it says 30 gm which actually is more than Gulnare but the pot size is small. Therefore, I am happy with this size as well! The brand is a repeated one but the product certainly is new! The last product is from another repeated brand, The Nature’s Co. This time it’s the Fuller’s Earth Face Pack. The size looks pretty good for a face pack and its heavy too! The pot size is almost the same as of the Votre one but the quantity isn’t mentioned. So I am assuming it will be more or less 30 gm. The product is certainly a new entry which gives me a chance to try another one from this brand!

All in all, I am seriously impressed by this box and even though the Comfort Zone sachets are pretty small and have very less product, I am still not disappointed. The brand has balanced it very nicely by including 5 sachets of different products from the same brand and by incorporating a full-size product! I am in love with this box now and have really high hopes for the next one. It certainly has raised my expectations! I highly recommend you all to try this box if you want to try out the premium to luxury brands at a reasonable price! This certainly is one of the best subscription boxes ever!


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