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When I was a kid I remember my grandmother using Charcoal in a lot of forms, even for cleaning her teeth! It certainly took decades for the industry to realize the benefits of this product that we Indians used indigenously. I already love the Charcoal Nose Strips and Charcoal based face washes and masks from various brands and this time I got an opportunity to try out the TBC by Nature Charcoal Black Peel-Off Mask. Today I am going to share my review on it.

About the Looks!

The mask comes in a black squeezy tube packaging which is mostly black in color save the print of the name of the brand, product and pictures. The back of the tube has the basic introduction about the product, directions to use, ingredients, price, quantity, etc printed. The entire appearance looks average and not so attractive. Though the packaging quality does look good. The packaging is recyclable.

TBC by Nature Charcoal Black Peel-Off Mask Review | RougePouts
TBC by Nature Charcoal Black Peel-Off Mask Review | RougePouts

Price – 250/-

Net Content – 100 gm

Ingredients – Please refer to the picture below (Paraben Free)

TBC by Nature Charcoal Black Peel-Off Mask Review | RougePouts

My take on the TBC by Nature Charcoal Black Peel-Off Mask!

The product is black in color and the consistency is pretty thick and yet a little flowy. It was the first time I used a peel-off mask and so I tried to apply it on my face using a brush which I soon gave up and used my fingers instead. The brush was taking up a lot of product and was getting stuck to the bristles, whereas, using my fingers was convenient and precise.

Tip – Do not apply near the eyes, brows or your hairline. Avoid the eye’s orbital area completely.

TBC by Nature Charcoal Black Peel-Off Mask Review | RougePouts
TBC by Nature Charcoal Black Peel-Off Mask Review | RougePouts

I had to wait for 25 minutes after the mask was applied. I felt my face tightening when this mask was drying up. I wasn’t able to talk properly. When those 25 minutes were over the mask was completely dry and felt like a layer of plastic on my face. This was the moment of truth. I had to peel off this mask. I needed to start taking it off from outside to inside. I started peeling off the mask from my jawline near the chin and I realized that it wasn’t an easy job.

TBC by Nature Charcoal Black Peel-Off Mask Review | RougePouts

First, to lift any end to start the peel-off process is difficult (or maybe I didn’t apply it right). Second, it was super duper painful because I have hair or peach fuzz all over my face! OMG! I can’t explain how terrible it was to take off that mask! My whole face turned red and my eyes were teary! I had a lesson learned – To shave all the hair from the face before using any peel-off mask! I managed to peel off the entire mask somehow and washed my face with lukewarm water to remove any leftover product followed by cold water to calm the skin down.

Tip – Shave all your peach fuzz or facial hair before using this mask or any other peel-off mask!

The cold water didn’t help much, therefore, to calm the skin more, I took a piece of an Aloe Vera plant and applied the pulp all over my face generously and left it for 10 minutes. I washed this off following the same method stated above and the redness was considerably reduced. It was then I noticed my skin, that it looked really good! The pores were tightened and it was squeaky clean! All my blackheads were gone and my skin looked really fresh and supple!

I loved the result of this mask! The ingredients are vegan and they worked really well! I just need to remove all the facial hair before I use this mask in the future and I am sure the experience will be much better. I should say that the product is really good and it works as promised. If you follow the tips (my learnings 🙂 ) given above I am sure you will love this product! Charcoal is the star ingredient here and I would recommend this product to everyone. Its affordable, vegan and it works!!

That’s all for today and I will be back with my next post soon! Have a lovely day! B-Bye!


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