So! I Got to Walk the Ramp for Casio at India Runway Week!

Okay! Tell me honestly, how many of you have practiced a catwalk in their rooms in front of the big mirror and posed as a model? I am being honest, I have done this several times but I never knew if I’d be able to do this on an actual ramp! And one fine day I woke to the opportunity of walking the ramp at none other than but India Runway Week for the global watch brand Casio and you can very well imagine how happy I was!! 😀

So, it was Saturday, October 7, 2017, The Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD) steps into the day 2 of the extremely anticipated ninth season of India Runway Week at The DLF Place Saket, New Delhi. As they are acknowledged to promote new & emerging talent along with renowned names in the industry; just like day 1, India Runway week highlighted the fashion trends of the upcoming winter festive season where a mix of fifteen prominent and imminent designers showcased the wisdom of fashion through their collections on day 2. Casio wristwatches brand was one of them.

Casio’ a wide range of wristwatches brand who showcased their new collection at the event through fashion bloggers like Aashna Malani, Shaily Singh (Rouge Pouts), Pooja Raina (Truefashionholic), Ankita Bardhan (Real Girls Talk), Aditi Bhatia (Adi Anjaani), Midhvan Gulati (Your Dapper Goals), Parth Dhankar (Parth Off Duty), Megha Gupta (Review & Writeup), Samiksha Jain (Yo Womaniya), Babita Yadav (Hautef), Shyambhavi Gulati (Onecutemess), Aishwarya Gaba (Hey Delhi), Himanshi Goel (Bees and Baubles), Supriya Himanshi (All what she wants), Harsh Ronak Singh (Style On Air), Mayank Badhwar (Yo Maks), Shagun (Mehak Anand), Aanchal ( The Sparkling Ora), Shweghna Gurusahaney (Trendy Mannequin), Jasmine (The Crop Top Girl), Megha Chadha (Crazy Rage Blog), Aneng ( Aneng on Blog), Devansh Kamboj (The Dapper Street), Vaibhav Keswani (Pehenawah).

Casio gave an extremely lavish chance to the fashion bloggers on the big platform of Delhi. This was the first ever happened in fashion history where fashion bloggers walked the ramp. We all were really happy to be a part of Casio show.  We presented two collections of wristwatches named G-Shock and Baby-G. Some bloggers went for the Baby-G watch and some for G-Shock.

Casio’s G-Shock brand is synonymous with toughness and creates a style statement for men who appreciate the tough look, new technology, and great design. The brand represents an energetic and youthful attitude and the core philosophy of product innovation is offering tough watches that are unique as well as fashionable. The brand has created a niche image among the personas including professionals, geeks, travelers, fashion aficionado, tech lovers, adventurers, students, and celebrities.

Casio BABY-G series accompanies you wherever you go. It fits every aspect of your active life. The watches are sporty, bold, and colorful. The stunning design reflects loud colors and stylish fashion trends, catching the eye of fashion lovers. The stylish and edgy watches are perfect for watch enthusiasts who enjoy an adventure and take life as it comes.

Casio can easily be introduced as a brand that offers a wide range of wristwatches, which are trendy, versatile, sophisticated, and classic and reflect your inner style and character. One of the world’s most recognized brands, Casio watches are known for their reliable product quality excellence and exemplary innovations. The company has a wide portfolio of stylish, tough, and elegant watches that are suitable to stay ahead in the fashion world and add a magnificent persona to the one who wears them on their wrist.

I wore a Baby-G watch which had bright orange straps and a black dial. It was super cute and vibrant and I loved how it went with my attire! Bright colors give me a lot of energy and confidence and I usually choose such colors. 🙂

Walking on the ramp in front of so many people and cameras was such an amazing experience!! We had a practice session just before the show and it was choreographed by Rishi Raj and after a few minutes, we went live!! We first went as a group in a straight line and showed off our watches as a first glimpse and then came the solo entries! I walked second and my happiness was so visible in the big smile I have in all the photos! Check out the pictures and I hope you like them as much as I do.

The Baby-G Watch I chose!
Walking the Ramp t India Runway Week for Casio
Walking the Ramp t India Runway Week for Casio
Walking the Ramp t India Runway Week for Casio
Walking the Ramp t India Runway Week for Casio
Walking the Ramp t India Runway Week for Casio

Don’t forget to check out the super amazing collection of the new Casio G-Shock and Baby-G watches!! They are truly amazing!! I had so many favorites, trust me it was really hard to pick one and to be honest the one I really wanted to wear was already taken by another blogger! It was a gorgeous red one. There was another one in white with a gold dial, in which the gold looked like confetti! It was gorgeous!! I can’t go on describing each one that I loved so go check out the collection!! I’ll be back with a new post soon!! B-Bye!! 😀


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