Salon Review | Hair Cutting Experience in B:Blunt mini

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I was really bored and fed up of my long hair and I was dying to get them cut. I do love long hair, I had really really long hair a few years back, with the length of around 4 feet long. I did keep them for years! And with my dancing career on, it was getting difficult to maintain them also I was getting bored of the same looks that I used to have with those hair. So I got them cut very short. And so now, I can’t keep long hair. The tolerance for long hair is kind of, gone. So I recently got my hair cut done and I thought I will share my experience with you all!

I got my hair cut done in the B:Blunt mini. It was the first time I visited that salon. It is located in South Point Mall  in Gurgaon. I am not sure if it has any other branch in Delhi, I do see one listed in Greater Kailash on google, but when I go to the B:Blunt site, its not there. Nevertheless, I did take a prior appointment. There are two options for stylists – Salon Stylist (Charges – INR 1200) and Senior Stylist (Charges – INR 1400). I opted for the senior stylist while booking the appointment over the phone.

B:Blunt mini Gurgaon
B:Blunt mini Gurgaon

When I reached there I was introduced with the stylist. I confirmed with the lady at the reception that if he was a  senior stylist, which she said yes to. Then I was asked to sit and my hair was examined. The stylist asked me about the kind of hair cut I would like to get. I explained to him about the look I wanted and next he directed to get a hair wash done. The hair wash experience was the best I ever had. The boy who did that, was really good at it. In past, the water used to go into my ears and drip down my neck and it used to be a complete mess. But nothing of that sort happened here. I don’t know if the wash sink/tub was placed at a better angle or it was the skill of the boy who washed my hair, but I loved it!

After the wash, I came back to my seat and my hair was combed to remove the tangles. The stylist showed me some magazines and look books to get an idea of the cut I wanted. When I could not find anything close in the magazines, I was shown images on the internet. And instantly I could show him a few images which were pretty close to the look I wanted to get! Then, the hair cut started.

After the hair cut was over, my hair was blow dried. I was kind of loving the raw look already. Even the stylist mentioned that my hair looked better with just a blow dry! Nonetheless, the roller setting was done. After that was done, I realized that the cut looked better with just the blow dry, the roller setting made them a little less bouncy. They weren’t looking bad, but I would have loved a more fluffier look, which the roller setting kind of lessened it. The stylist gave me a few tips on how I could style my hair different ways and how could I add volume in them. He left me quite happy!

Hair cut right after Roller Setting
Hair cut right after Roller Setting
Salon Review | Hair Cutting Experience in B:Blunt mini
Salon Review | Hair Cutting Experience in B:Blunt mini

My biggest worry was on how to tame the front bangs, they were not very short, still they needed to be straight all the time and since my hair is wavy, after the wash they will never be absolutely straight. I don’t like to use heat on my hair every time I wash, in fact, I use it very rarely. I really love how my hair look naturally with just air drying, but I wasn’t sure if the case will be the same with the bangs. But after the first wash I realized that the wavy bang were looking pretty!! And I also devised a way on how to air dry my front bangs somewhat straight! Now I really love the hair cut. I could have gone slightly more shorter with them, but I am happy because I can even tie them into a small ponytail when ever I need!

Hair after washing with no straightening! Wavy effect!
Hair after washing with no straightening! Wavy effect!

However, there was little bummer. When I went to pay for the service the lady asked me to pay INR 1200, and since I chose the senior stylist I was expecting the bill to be INR 1400. On asking her, she told me that the he was the salon stylist and not the senior stylist. I was not happy with that. I told her that though I am really happy with the hair cut, this mistake is not acceptable. I specifically asked and confirmed that I was getting a senior stylist. Well, she said sorry and I left with a little “Whatever” face. But I did thanked the guy who cut my hair, he really did a good job.

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Overall, my experience from the salon was great. Apart from the Salon stylist instead of Senior one blunder, I have no complains. The hygiene is taken care of. The whole salon is kept clean and the cut hair on the ground is cleaned almost immediately. I will surely go back to this salon again for my next hair cut!

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  1. hair stylist was blunt, to sell his product he was using too much negative words. he was continuously saying – you hairs are dry , your hairs are freezy, hairs don’t have elasticity, aise choti me balo ka b dum ghut jae, you have so many tangles, you have hair fall and so on….finally i have to stop him saying whatever it is it looks beautiful , long and thick and and i don’t want to use any chemical for hairs. anyone will loose confidence if he will mock about hairs for 45 minutes to sell his product.

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