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Continuing on from where I left in my previous Travelogue here and here! So after spending our first day in Kalpa, in the Hotel Inner Tukpa, we had to head to the other hotel that was pre-booked. The hotel name was The Grand Shamba-la. It was located a little ahead of the main Kalpa village. We had our breakfast and started for it, the weather was great and the wind was strong. We also had a plan of visiting some popular places in the region after our check-in there.

At around 12 pm we reached the hotel and to my surprise, the hotel looked pretty good! We were greeted with a traditional white silk like stole and a welcome drink! I loved the stole and I still have it as a souvenir! Our room was on the fourth floor and believe me, the steps were big and steep! By the time I reached the 4th floor, I was out of my breath! The door of the room was covered by a traditional curtain and the interior of the room was all wooden! It was a small yet a very nice and comfortable room! There was a pretty spacious balcony and a big mirrored window on the side! A cozy little room I would say!

Our Room in The Grand Shamba-la Hotel, Kalpa

We put our luggage in the room and almost immediately left for Roghi village which was nearby and was the last village of the area. The drive towards Roghi village has a very rocky terrain and not very good roads. It goes through the oldest Hindustan-Tibet Highway! We also crossed a suicide point which is pretty famous out there. Now, it’s not famous because of any suicides, but because of the deep valley and a sharp point where it’s located and the super strong wind there which makes it very difficult for you to stand for long. The wind was so fierce that if anyone stands too close to the edge it might push the person down. We didn’t stop there while going towards Roghi.

Suicide Point, Enroute to Roghi Village

We reached Roghi and it had pretty narrow lanes but we still kept moving forward in a hope that we would see any point to stop or to turn the car back. But, we didn’t. After a certain point when we were clueless, Manish asked me to step out and see what was ahead. I walked down the lane and there was nothing but just a village with a point which gives a beautiful scenic view! I clicked a few pictures and went back to the car. Since there was no space to turn the car we had to drive in reverse and our car is a big one and it was super scary to reverse even with a reverse camera because you can’t see the sides! A few people told us that we shouldn’t have brought our car here as there was a parking spot behind. Now after a few attempts, Manish had to take some help from a local driver who drove our car out of that scary situation. Here, experience matters a lot!!

The Local Driver who helped our car out!

Finally, he parked our car and we thanked him and headed to see one of the oldest temples, which was right in this village. We had to go through the narrowest lanes of the village down the hill and after asking a few people we finally found the temple. Now the oldest temple was closed as there was another a new substitute of the same was under construction. It had been closed for two months. The temple was the Vishnu Narayan Temple and was at least 200 years old. We were told that there is a chariot inside it but we couldn’t see anything because it was closed! The new temple was right in front of the old one and was really beautiful. We were informed that interiors were done and only the exteriors are pending which would be over in a month and then both the temples might open for visitors.

Vishnu-Narayan Temple, Roghi Village
Vishnu-Narayan Temple, Roghi Village
The new Temple Opposite to the Vishnu-Narayan Temple, Roghi Village
The new Temple Opposite to the Vishnu-Narayan Temple, Roghi Village

We came back to our car and left back for the hotel. On our way back I decided to step out and have a closer look at the suicide point and click some pictures. The wind was really strong and fierce and it was really difficult to stand there. I went close to the edge but not too much because I love my life! 😀 I quickly clicked a few pictures and got back to the car. While I was trying to step in the car the wind became so strong that it pushed me out a little. I can’t forget that moment. What if, at that point, I was standing at the edge! It scared me literally! After this adventure, we reached our hotel, had lunch and took a little rest.

Edge of the Suicide Point, Enroute Roghi Village

Our next stop was the monastery and temples in Kalpa. We were told that the monastery will open at 5 pm. We had two hours and at 4 pm, it started raining heavily. Fortunately, the rain stopped right at 5 pm and we left for Kalpa. This time we left our car at the hotel and went through the village lanes.  Walking through those beautiful and peaceful lanes was amazing! There were huge rose plants or bushes with huge roses on it!! I had never seen so many and such big roses together on one plant before!! The place was full of apricot and apple orchards! This was the first time I saw any orchard actually!

After a little bit of walk, we reached the heart of the Kalpa village and about a kilometer more was the monastery. There were spiritual drums everywhere. Right outside before the stairs, after you climb up and around the main temple. These drums are always to be rolled in a clockwise direction. The main temple grill was closed but I could still see inside. It was dark but I got a little idea of the interiors. It was peaceful and nice. I won’t say it was an amazing one, but it was certainly a good one for any first timer.

Monastery, Kalpa
Monastery, Kalpa
Monastery, Kalpa
Monastery, Kalpa

A little behind the monastery was the temple. What amazed me about the temple was the architecture! It was stunning!! So intricate and so accurate!! Every wood that the temple was made of, was carved beautifully! Not to forget the rooftops! The dragons, the Hindu deities, the Tigers and much more were carved all on wood!! Absolutely amazing!! I The main doors of both the temples was made of a golden metal and yes, they were carved too!! I can’t stop but think about the kind of skillset these craftsmen might have!! The view from the last temple that we visited was just beautiful! The mighty Kinnaur Kailash mountains were clearly visible! It was a treat to the eyes!! After spending some time there, we left for our hotel to relax and prepare for another journey ahead to Tabo! Our next destination!

Temple in Kalpa
Beautiful Rooftops of the temple in Kalpa
Amazing Architecture on the rooftops of the temple in Kalpa
The beautiful main door of the Temple Premises!
Panoramic View of Kinnaur Kailash Mountains

A vlog on all of this day 3 experience is attached below and you can also find the same on my YouTube channel “RougePouts“. I really hope you like this post above and the video and find it helpful! I have tried my best to document my experience as much as I could! Please do not forget to like, subscribe and share! I will be back soon with the Part – 3 of our Travel to Spiti!! Have a superb day!! B-Bye!!


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