Review: Pond’s White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub

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This recently launched product was being promoted in all the supermarkets and I was also persuaded to buy one. So I did. The girl promoting the Pond’s White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub told me that this was a foaming scrub and can be used everyday as a cleanser too! So overall it will be working as a two-in-one product. She explained that it can used daily because of its gentle and less scrub particles as compared to the other typical scrubs in the market.She said that it will remove the tan, will make your skin soft and smooth and act as a cleanser all at the same time! With all those promises made, I was convinced to buy the small size for trial.

About The Looks –

This scrub comes in a typical Pond’s Packaging, nothing different or special. A white and pink tube with white being the base.

Pond’s Tan Scrub

Claims –

  • New scrub with TanSlove Beeds and 50% brightening cream
  • Gently scrubs away tan while making your skin look fairer. Cleanses thoroughly
  • The Result: Bright, Radiant, Fresh skin

Our only scrub which removes tan and gives you fair, radiant skin.

Suitable for all skin types.

For best results, use everyday.

Ingredients –

Ingredients – Pond’s Tan Scrub

Price – INR 85

Net Wt. – 50g

Did it stand true to its promises?

To start with it smells like a typical Pond’s body lotion. I don’t know if I like it or not, but I’m okay with it.The scrub is white and has pink scrub particles in it. The amount of scrub particles is less and very fine thus making the scrub gentle, good for daily use.

Pond’s Tan Scrub Consistency

While applying it on face it feels like any normal scrub, the consistency is a little liquid as compared to others but that’s may be because it was made to be gentle and for daily use and also to work like a face wash. When the scrub is rubbed on face it foams up working as a face wash. It leaves the same strange tackiness on my face after rinsing as it did with the Dove face wash I reviewed earlier.

After spreading the scrub a little.

Now the bad part was that I started breaking out after three or four days of usage!!!! 🙁 I have a combination skin and it goes worse during humid weather, so I figured out the reason.The scrub was too creamy and it left a residue on my face, which started clogging my pores and resulting in break outs. So, if I wanted to use this product, I would have to use it only as a scrub and would need to wash my face with another deep clean face wash to remove the residue left over by the scrub. Then tone and moisturize. I stopped using the product after a week and saw my skin getting better!!

Also, it failed as a face wash because the dirt was still there on my face after using it. Quite visible on my cotton pad. Blame its creamy formula and scrub combination.

I would say its okay as a scrub for daily and gentle use but only for dry to normal skin. For combination, oily and sensitive skin I would not recommend this product. And as a face wash its a complete failure! It didn’t clean and clogged pores which resulted in break outs, no one would like to use such a face wash.

This is my view, you might want to try out and check for yourself.

Hope you find this post helpful 😀

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