Review: Inglot Lipstick Matte in the shade # 401

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I’m a huge fan of oranges and pinks when it comes to lipsticks. I already have a variety of shades from these two colors. I always get attracted and tempted towards these colors.

In my earlier haul post I mentioned purchasing an Inglot lipstick, which I’m going to review today!

I’ve always been looking for a classic retro orange lipstick, which I recently discovered at the Inglot store! I have another lipstick which is quite close to the shade but not exactly what I was looking for. So, I was extremely happy to find one at last!!

About The Looks!

The lipstick comes in a classic black case with Inglot written in white and at the bottom, the shade number and other information. Simple yet elegant.

Inglot Lipstick Matte in Shade # 401
Inglot Lipstick Matte in Shade # 401

Price – INR 850

Net Wt. – 4.5g/0.16 US OZ

Ingredients –

Ingredient List
Ingredient List

My Views and Experiences!

This lipstick is completely matte which means its a little difficult in applying on your lips, if they aren’t hydrated enough. This is expected out of a matte lipstick, so we need to make sure that the lips are well hydrated and not dry.

Inglot Lipstick Matte in the Shade # 401
Inglot Lipstick Matte in the Shade # 401

Tip – Apply a good hydrating lip balm right before you start your make up and apply the lipstick in the end. By then the lips will be really well hydrated to ensure smooth application of the lipstick. If there’s still a lot of lip balm, make sure you wipe the excess out from the back of your hand and then apply the lipstick, this will help you achieve the perfect matte application. This lipstick can really accentuate the fine lines of wrinkled lips, therefore, regular exfoliation of lips is a must!!The color payout or pigmentation of the lipstick is great and I love the way it look on my lips! Its suitable for all skin tones. A couple of light coats are good enough to give a natural looking flush to the lips or it can be built up to get the hot orange pop ;)!!

Inglot Lipstick Matte in Shade # 401
Inglot Lipstick Matte in Shade # 401

My final word about this lipstick would be that its a great purchase and I will be looking forward to buy a bright matte pink shade as well from this range. The quality is great and the best part is that its “Paraben Free”!! I love the color a lot and it looks perfect when its matte!!

Hope you all like this post 😀

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