Review: Dove Go Fresh Face Wash

Hello beauties!!!!

Its very hot and humid outside and the dirt and pollution with sweat can accumulate on our face very easily. That can be gross.. Urgh!I was looking for a good face wash that can deep clean my skin and take out all the dirt and fight with the oiliness due to humid weather.

While checking different products in the store I came across the Dove Go Fresh Face Wash which I had never tried before. I saw the one for oily skin care containing Citrus Orange Oil and that tempted me to get one. I thought to myself that I should give this one at least one chance.

About the Looks –

The packaging is very simple, white tube with an orange colored cap and a couple of orange and yellow stripes on it. It looked so summery and fresh, that I bought it.


Claims –

  • Contains citrus orange oil that removes excessive sebum and stickiness.
  • Contains Dove skin essence that balances skin’s moisture and oiliness.
  • A refreshing orange fragrance.

Ingredients –


Price – INR 129

Net Wt. – 100g


The consistency of this face wash is quite thicker than the others in market, except the Pond’s Carbon Face Wash, it’s the thickest face wash I’ve encountered so far!


It smells more or less like a sweet citrus fruit. Lathers really well and a very small quantity is required.

Till here it works fine, but after this the problem starts. When I wash my face with water, it leaves a strange tackiness on my skin, but only while washing with water. There’s nothing of that sort after I pat dry my face. The tackiness is similar to the one which you will experience while rubbing a metal with water. Very strange and I really don’t like that feeling. :/

I could still deal with it somehow, but the other problem is that it doesn’t really cleans my face very well!! Disappointment!! I see dirt on the cotton ball I use to apply toner on my face after cleansing. Forget deep cleaning, it doesn’t even cleans!! 🙁

The first day I thought that may be its just today, but it was the same case everyday. And I regret buying its full size, rather I should have first tried the travel size.

So a thumbs down to this face wash. Not really impressed. I would not recommend this to anyone. However, I must state that it might not have worked for my face, because mine is a combination skin. People with oily skin can give it a try and see if this face wash does any good to them.

Hope you guys find this post helpful. I will be back with some exciting ones soon!! 😀

Have a great day!! XOXO


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