Product Review: L’orèal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color Iced Chocolate and House Party!!

Hey everyone!!

Usually I get my hair colored in a salon, because I always thought it would be really cumbersome and a tedious job to color at home. But this time I decided to color them at home and see for myself how does it works.

I had a lot of doubts and worries related to coloring at home. For instance, would it cover my hair evenly? Would it look natural? Will it take a long time in the whole process?? And many others. To find out the answers, I had to do one thing; color my hair at home!! I picked up this L’orèal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color in the shade Iced Chocolate. I picked this color because it said “No Ammonia” on it and we all know how bad ammonia is for our health and I didn’t want to risk it!! The shade “Iced Chocolate” looked very nice on the box so I decided to try this out!!

The pack I got had the “Cast My Girls” contest running and I got my Unique code in the packet. L’orèal Paris was kind enough to get me organize a house party for me and my two friends!! They sent delicious goodies like quiches, croissants and truffle tarts for the party and my friends and I had a fun time!! The tarts were so yumm!!!! 😀

I colored my hair on the day of the house party, just before the party started. My friends were already there to help me out if required.

About The Looks –

The packet comes in bright magenta and white packaging with the picture of the shade color, name, shade number and many other information on it. The box is crowded with information. The packaging is quite attractive and nice. The box included –

  • 1 tube of crème colorant (47.5g)
  • 1 bottle of developer (72ml)
  • 1 bottle of Nutri-shine conditioner (40g)
  • 1 pair of professioal quality gloves
  • 1 instruction leaflet

Unfortunately I don’t have the pictures of the Instruction leaflet, conditioner, gloves, colorant tube and applicator bottle, because I never thought I’d review it. 🙁


The colorant in the tube was to be mixed with the developer in the bottle which actually acts as an applicator after the color is properly and evenly mixed. The instruction leaflet gives all the information on how to mix the color and apply it. It also cautions you to do an allergy test before 48 hours as the colorant might be allergic to some people. The color is Non-Permanent and suitable for all types of hair. Also suitable for use on Natural, colored or highlighted hair. The development time is 20 minutes only!

There is a Color Result Guide on the box which states –

  • Result will vary depending on your natural color.
  • Iced Chocolate is recommended for brown to dark brown hair. Hair is illuminated with shimmering chocolate tones, rich and glossy.


L’orèal Paris CASTING Creme Gloss – At last a conditioning color – without ammonia, with visible shimmering tones, covers grey!

  • Conditioning Color – No Ammonia
  • Visible Shimmering Tones
  • Lasts up to 28 shampoos

It also says –

Innovation: The L’orèal Laboratories create a new generation of no-ammonia colorants.

Rich, glossy color with visible shimmering tones –

  • The no ammonia crème formula covers grey. Your hair has all the richness of truly natural color, full of visible shimmering tones. It’s as if your color comes alive.
  • Glossy and natural looking color. Color lasts up to 28 shampoos.

Gentle, caring conditioner: hair feels nourished

  • During coloring, the crème formula enriched with a patented conditioning complex helps protect the hair fibre inside and out, for voluptuous hair : exceptionally soft and with a glossy shine.
  • After coloring, the new conditioner enriched with Royal Jelly, known for its nutritive and rejuvenating qualities, leaves hair looking revitalized with a glossy shine.

An easy and pleasurable application

  • Non-drip crème formula ensures easy and clean applicaiton, even for beginners.
  • The delicate fragrance makes coloring a luxurious treat.

Price – INR 529

Ingredients – 

Ingredients -
Ingredients – L’orèal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color in the shade Iced Chocolate

My take on the color –

The very first thing I liked is that the color comes with an applicator and you don’t need a separate bowl or container to the mix the color in. Only two solutions to mix and the applicator makes the application super easy!! The color is thick and doesn’t drip at all!! The gloves provided with the pack also made my work easy and mess-free! The only part which took a little more time was application. My hair is dense and had to apply by parting my hair from every possible corner! Once the application is done a little massage in the hair helps distribute the color evenly.  After this there was a wait for 20 minutes and then I went to wash it off.

After coloring my Hair - House Party with my friends!!
After coloring my Hair – House Party with my friends!!

Another great thing I noticed was that the color came out really easily without any mess and very quickly!! I wasn’t expecting this at all!! I thought it would take me a long time to rinse the color off from my hair, but not at all!! Within a few minutes my hair was clean! Then I used the conditioner which came with the packet, since it was meant for the colored hair, it should lock the color in and give shine to my hair. After rinsing I towel dried my hair and saw the color in the natural sunlight. It looked great!! I actually liked my new hair color!! Earlier I had a reddish-brown color and Iced Chocolate was a pleasant change to my look!! My friends Prabha and Kiran, loved the color and how it looked on me!!

I noticed that it covered pretty much all my previous hair color quite evenly. My hair had a natural shine and looked healthy and bouncy!!

There were so many doubts, worries and myths around coloring hair at home which I’m glad I busted and now I’m absolutely comfortable coloring my hair at home!!

Let me list down the best things / myths busted in pointers –

  • Very easy instruction on how to mix the color and apply.
  • Awesome applicator!! Super easy to work with!!
  • The non-drip color formula made my life easier by making the whole process mess-free!!
  • Developing time of 20 minutes is fair enough and not too long.
  • Rinsing the color off my hair was super easy and quick!!
  • The color looked absolutely natural and healthy.
  • My hair got evenly colored and yes it covered grey hair as well!
  • The color looked great even though it was without ammonia!! So safe and great coloring!!
  • My hair were shiny, smooth and bouncy!!

My final word would be that I’m really happy with the quality and performance of the color and now I’d be looking forward to color my hair at home more often!! After all it saves a lot of money since getting hair colored in a salon can cost around 4 to 5 thousand on my hair and the cost increases according to the length of your hair.

Yes I’d recommend everyone to try this color especially if you have the same worries and doubts as I did. Go on!! Try it on!! Its worth it!! 😀

Since I bought that packet with the code, I submitted the unique code and my picture with my two friends in the L’Orèal Paris “Cast My Girls” contest. L’Orèal team featured our story on their fb page with our picture and were really kind to send me some awesome goodies!! I love all of them!! Thank you very much L’Orèal team!!

Picture featured on the L'Oreal Paris India fb page!
Picture featured on the L’Oreal Paris India fb page!
The packet the L'Oreal goodies came in!
The packet the L’Oreal goodies came in!
The safe packaging!!
The safe packaging!!
The Goodies!! :D
The Goodies!! 😀

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and includes the actual views and experience of the blogger.

Hope you all like the post and enjoyed reading it!!

Have a great day!! XOXO


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