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Carpets add a ton of value to the decor of a house or say a room. But finding the right one is always a task. The factors that we look into is the quality of the yarn, the material used, durability or lasting life, colors, the perfect design and the finesse. To get one with all these qualities is not easy at all!!

Recently, I was invited to a launch event of the Obeetee Carpets where they collaborated with the very famous textile designers Abraham & Thakore. Obeetee has a great name in producing high-end carpets and is referred to as “Carpets for Life”. Well, that’s a hell of a statement! Where Obeetee already produces high-quality, hand-crafted and super durable carpets, their association with the amazing designers Abraham & Thakore was like making the best even better!

The launch took place at The Lodhi, New Delhi and the creations of this collaboration were displayed all over. I must say, the display was very clever, which, I will tell you later why. Moving on, before the formal introduction and launch started we went through all the carpets displayed there and clicked a lot of pictures too. Shortly, the formal event started. Rudra Chatterjee, Chairman, Obeetee and the designers Abraham & Thakore shared their inspiration and vision behind this collaboration and the designs.

Obeetee is proud to partner with Abraham & Thakore to make rugs that represent design, material and craftsmanship that are local, yet exceptional in heritage and quality. We collaborated with Abraham & Thakore because we were attracted to their unique sensibilities, which are both cutting-edge yet tied intricately to India’s ethos — this book traces that journey.

We wanted to give our consumers high-end carpets that are not mass-produced in the retail industry. With projects such as the one with Abraham & Thakore, we continue to make fine rugs but using a new palette derived from the exceptional talent of our partners. As we move towards completing 100 years in 2020, we hope to continue using such opportunities to engage our weavers and preserve their craft” said Rudra Chatterjee, Chairman, Obeetee.

Bringing The Loom to The Modern Indian Context

Having worked with a plethora of carpet design traditions that are dominated by Indo-Persia, Indo-Nepal and Indo-China influences, this was time to showcase the milieu of design that is Indian culture.

Looking to our country’s celebrated designers to reinvent the loom, Obeetee launched the ‘Proud To Be Indian’ campaign — collections that look to the crème de la crème of India’s creative talent to transpose her rich heritage of artistry and design into modern renditions. Obeetee’s most skilled weavers are then called upon to translate these inspired depictions into limited edition sets of avant-garde Indian carpets.

Renowned for their prowess with textile, designers Abraham & Thakore began their process for this year’s collections with the search for a personal narrative that weaves textile with memories; experimenting with Bandhani, Ikat, Block-print and Calligraphy — all things that pay homage to work with one’s hands.

Each Abraham & Thakore collection continues the exploration of developing a quiet and modern design voice while simultaneously drawing on the rich traditional vocabulary of Indian design and craft. Playing with techniques and new structures to explore and develop modern simplistic designs with references to Indian heritage epitomises their key design statement and ethos.


L-R – Abraham, Rudra Chatterjee and Thakoren
With the Chairman and the Designer Duo!
Got clicked in front of one of my favourite carpets! Pochampally!!
With my blogger friend Pooja Raina!
A candid moment during the formal launch!

I am sure you certainly would like to have a look at the collection and know the inspiration behind them! Here are some of the best ones shown below –

Bandhani and Ikat – 

Two vastly different textile traditions and common ground in the technique of resist dyeing. In one case, the yarn is treated with resists prior to weaving, in the other, the resist is applied to the cloth before dyeing. This collection is a unification of elements from both techniques focusing on the gentle gradations of color particular to these techniques

Lehariya | Composition (45% Silk and 55% Wool)

Leheriya Azure Ivory

Ituri | Composition (47% Silk and 53% Wool)

Ituri Grey

Rangrez | Composition (45% Silk and 55% Wool)

Rangrez Indigo

Saree and Block Print – 

Sarees are defined by their pallus, and the special patterns created for them. This collection is an exploration of surfaces that abstract the elements of patterns and motifs found on the borders of both woven and block-printed saris.

Pochampally | Composition (42% Silk and 58% Wool)

Pochampally Teal

Chettinad | Composition (32% Silk and 68% Wool)

Chettinad Rust

Calligraphy – 

A nostalgic foray into memories of old parchment; a letter found at the bottom of an old trunk, its edges curled and damaged. Strong, individualistic lines of cursive writing shine through faded ink.

Tazkira | Composition (47% Silk and 53% Wool)

Tazkira Oak Gold

Siyahii Brown | Composition (74% Silk and 26% Wool)

Siyaahii Amber Brown

I loved all of the carpets displayed there and I had my favorites too! The clever way that they were displayed was really worth an applaud! If you look at the composition of each carpet, they are made of wool and silk. While looking at a carpet we might miss these details and look at only one of the components. If you look in the pictures below, you will notice that all the carpets displayed had mirror surrounding them or placed upon them. The mirror added a multidimensional view to the carpet and we could see that when we stand in front of the mirror we see the wool and colorful part of the carpet and the mirror shows the silk part of it!! Completely shiny! You can see that when you see the carpet from both the angles, the mirror shows the same without you having to move! I was really awestruck by this clever artwork on the carpet as well as the display!

Carpets on display using mirrors!
Carpets on display using mirrors!


Some of the weaves on display
Carpets on display using mirrors!
Using the vertical Mirror decor for a selfie 😉 Those in the background are carpets, both visible in the mirror!

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