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I don’t know how many times I might have mentioned that my hands get super dry if not moisturized frequently! I wash my hands may be a little too much and that leads to the dry skin on my hands. Therefore, I am constantly in a need of a good hydrating hand cream all year round! In winters, even more!

Nykaa recently launched their new Whipped with Love Hand Nail Creme collection and I received a PR sample of three variants from the total of seven. Hand creams are always welcome and the packaging was just too pretty! The three creams came in a cute baby blue slider box which has silver dragonflies printed all over! It looked so pretty!! The box also had a note about the creams from Nykaa. You just pull the small ribbon attached to the inside box and it will slide open with the three hand creams tucked in.

Nykaa Hand and Nail Crème Review
Nykaa Hand and Nail Crème Review

The variants I received are –

  • Honeysuckle & White Tea
  • Jasmine & Neroli
  • French Lavender & Honey.

The other variants in the collection are –

  • Rose & White Musk
  • Peony & White Lily
  • Magnolia & White Tea
  • Freesia & Vanilla

About The Looks!

I have already described above how cute the box was in which the three creams came in. The creams come in a silver-colored plastic squeezy tubes. Each of the tubes has floral designs respective to their floral scent. The name of the brand, the product and the variant are all printed on the front of the tube and rest of the information like ingredients, shelf life, price, quantity, etc is printed at the back. I like the packaging, they look luxurious, light-weight and travel-friendly.

Nykaa Hand and Nail Crème Review
Nykaa Hand and Nail Crème Review

Price – 275/-

Net Content – 30 ml

Ingredients – Please refer to the picture below

Nykaa Hand and Nail Crème Ingredients

My views on the Nykaa Hand and Nail Cremes!

The first cream I tried was the Lavender & Honey one and the moment I applied it on my hands the air was full of the divine scent!! Oh my God!! The fragrance was so amazing that I was found sniffing my hands frequently! The scent of the other two creams was equally amazing! If I had to rank them in terms of their fragrance then the 1st position would go to Lavender & Honey, 2nd to Honeysuckle & White Tea and the 3rd to Jasmine & Neroli. These creams also have a slight tint to them, for example, the lavender one has a blue-ish tint and the honeysuckle one has a peachy tint to it.

The creams are very thick in consistency and super creamy and nourishing. You need a very little amount, half of a pea-size amount, that’s it and it will be enough for your hands and nails. Lavender & Honey is the most lightweight, yet hydrating and almost non-greasy one that you can carry in your purse for all day use. Jasmine & Neroli is almost the same as the Lavender & Honey, in fact, it’s a tad bit heavier than the former. Honeysuckle & White Tea is super heavy, super hydrating and kind of greasy cream. I like to use this one at bed-time for ultra moisturization! It’s so thick that my hands were sweating! So, I like to use Lavender & Honey and Jasmine & Neroli during the day and the Honeysuckle & White Tea at night.

Nykaa Whipped with Love Lavender & Honey Hand and Nail Crème
Nykaa Whipped with Love Jasmine & Neroli Hand and Nail Crème
Nykaa Whipped with Love Honeysuckle & White Tea Hand and Nail Crème

Enriched with so many amazing oils like jojoba oil, almond oil, argan oil, etc, these are very nourishing. Another great thing is that they are parabens free and cruelty free too!! We really need brand like these!!

I have been using them for about a week and I must say that I am in love! Honestly, these creams are super hydrating and if you are someone who struggles with dry hands, then you must get these!! You will thank yourself and me 😀 I highly recommend these to everyone, try anyone out and you will know!!

That’s all for today! I really hope you found this post helpful and I will be back with more pretty soon! B-Bye!! 😀


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