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I had been thinking about how to ramp up my skincare and I wasn’t able to reach a decision for a long time. It just so happened that a few days ago I got a chance to experience the Skeyndor Meso Infusion DCS session. Honestly, I had no idea what this was, so before I went for it, I did a little research of my own and found out that this Meso Infusion DCS is an equipment that  has been designed to carry out aesthetic therapies with chemical products (cosmetics) using Hydroelectrophoresis, Electroporation and Cryotherapy techniques, also known as Virtual or Needleless Mesotherapy. (Source –

So, Skeyndor is a brand from Spain and has been quite a pioneer in a few beauty treatments. Known as “Scientific Skincare”, their philosophy is based on continuous innovation and facilitating work for beauty centers with new active ingredients and breakthroughs. It is currently exported to 60 countries across the globe and it was launched in India in August 2011. It was Mr. Ravi Mittal who brought this brand to India and is the Managing Director of the same. He is the managing director of the very prestigious brand Make-up Studio too!

My Skeyndor Meso Infusion DCS Experience | RougePouts

I also noticed that the Meso Infusion DCS equipment was developed and is being used by Skeyndor only. This highlights the kind of research and development they do within this organization. The professionals who carry our these treatments of therapies are extensively trained in their respective countries and then sent even sent to Madrid for further experience and learning. They put a lot of effort and focus on the education of their professionals which is worth applauding. These efforts have been well rewarded through some prestigious awards such as Laus de Oro Award,  Best Anti-Age Line of the Year Award of the Asia Spa Awards CORRECTIVE, The Professional Anti Aging Product Award, etc to name a few. Skeyndor is working with the leading salons in India and in North India, their services are available in Geetanjali Salons.

Skeyndor Meso Infusion DCS Equipment/Machine

Needless to say that I was quite impressed with this and was quite excited about my session! My session was scheduled in one of the Geetanjali Salons and after a short briefing about the brand and the procedure, I was all set for the experience. The ingredients or the professional/salon kit chosen for my skin was the Power C+ Line. Also known as the Intensive “light effect” treatment; POWER C+ is the most powerful anti-oxidant ever created to get rid of photo-aging, hyperpigmentation, tanned, dull and dry skin. It contains the highest concentration of vitamin C (21%) in absorbable and non-toxic form to give relentless anti-oxidant activity.

My Skeyndor Meso Infusion DCS Experience | RougePouts
Skeyndor Power C+ Salon Kit
Skeyndor Power C+ Salon Kit
Skeyndor Power C+ Salon Kit

The first step of the procedure was Activation. This step involves cleaning, massaging, scrubbing and prepping the skin in order to activate it and make it ready to receive the power ingredients. The professional who carried out the procedure was Neha and she had such an expert amazing hand!! Oh God! I felt so relaxed and pampered. After the activation part was done, it was time for the next step i.e., Electroporation, which involves the use of the Meso Infusion DCS equipment/machine. The machine has two wands for two different processes. This process required the use of the one with four circular points.

Electroporation Process
Electroporation in Process

This wand uses Hydroelectrophorosis to create canals in the skin’s layer for quick and easy absorption of the power ingredients and the vial of vitamin C and the Pomegranate Serum were pushed into the skin with the help of Electroporation. I didn’t feel anything mostly except for a slight ting on the nose. It was pretty comfortable and lasted only for 6 minutes. This was followed by a Skeyndor Aloe Vera Mask to calm the skin down and it was also the time for the last step i.e., Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy freezes the ingredients inside the skin by using a cold temperature. These power ingredients keep releasing slowly into the skin under the room temperature which helps the effects of this therapy last longer.

Skeyndor Aloe Vera Mask

The Cryotherapy was done by the other wand of the machine which had just one big metallic circular surface. It was done while the face mask was on my face and for obvious reasons, the wand felt a little cold but it wasn’t bothersome at all! It was pretty comfortable. After a few minutes of this, the face mask was left on my face for 10 minutes and then Neha (the professional) cleaned up my face and gave me a wonderful face, neck and back massage! Oh my God! She was just wonderful! I highly recommend her to you all! This was the end of the session and the moment I got up and looked in the mirror, I was really surprised by the result!

Honestly, the first words that came out of my mouth when I saw my face in the mirror were “Oh my God! My skin looks so good and fresh and clean!!”. You can imagine the impact of the procedure and that too after only one session! Imagine, how the skin would be if I go for these on a regular basis! I was highly impressed with the results and the happiness of it was written all over my face!

My Skin after the session!
With Neha the Professional who performed the therapy!

I was also given the follow-up home care products to help maintain the benefits. The products are mentioned below –

  • Skeyndor Power C+ Energising Cream SPF 15
  • Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturising Cream
  • Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Moisturising Booster
  • Skeyndor Sun Expertise SPF 50+ with UVA, UVB, HEVis and Blue Light Technology
Skeyndor Home Care Products
Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturising Cream
Skeyndor Power C+ Energizing Cream SPF 15
Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Moisturising Booster
Skeyndor Sun Expertise SPF 50+with UVA, UVB, HEVis and Blue Light Technology

These products have been really helping me maintain the benefits of the Power C+ ingredients or Meso Infusion DCS session. It’s worth mentioning that the Sunscreen that protects with the UVA and UVB rays also protects the skin for the blue lights emitted from the phones and the laptops. That’s what the Blue Light Technology is all about. Its Skeyndor’s recent launch and I don’t think there is any other product in the market with such a technology or that protects from the blue lights of phones and laptops.

To summarize in the end, I would say that this Meso Infusion DCS procedure has left me highly impressed with wonderful instant results and it’s absolutely pain-free! I loved the session and so much more the results and I highly recommend this to everyone! It’s absolutely worth and value for money! I am sure you will love it as much as I did! <3


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