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I had always wanted to go to Thailand, particularly Krabi, for its peculiar islands and beautiful beaches! I had seen so many photographs on Instagram that I just couldn’t wait any longer and it finally happened in October 2018.

We planned our own trip by booking the flights and hotel that we wanted. We didn’t really want to rush through Krabi or in other words we wanted to plan as we go. It gives a lot of flexibility and privacy. Our flights were from Thai Airways and the resort we booked was the Krabi Resort in Ao Nang, Krabi. There is no direct flight to Krabi so both the times we had to land in Bangkok first and then after some layover we boarded the one to Krabi.

Day 1

We landed at Krabi airport in the morning around 10 am and then after some figuring out the process we booked a taxi van for the resort. We reached the resort a little before noon and the check-in time was 2 pm. So we had to wait at least until a room was available. I was really sleepy and that wait felt like a long one. To kill the time we explored the resort property and I was really excited to see the resort’s beach! It was a beautiful sight! Krabi Resort is a pretty big, beautiful and quiet property. I loved how it was decorated with different kinds of plants and trees. I saw a lot of lotuses there!

We got very hungry and we still didn’t have the room but fortunately, there is a huge market, Ao Nang market right opposite to the resort where we went to an Indian restaurant and enjoyed some Indian style tea and snacks. When we came back to the hotel, we finally got our room and the first thing we did was catch up on our sleep! At night we strolled in the Ao Nang market and explored a lot of shops.

I had always heard a lot about the Thai Coconut Ice Cream so I was looking for that too. I found a cute little shop selling it and I had my first coconut ice cream! It was served in a disposable paper cup and was quite creamy and delicious! I loved it! We came back to the hotel, ordered our dinner, relaxed and called it a night.

Krabi Resort
Krabi Resort at Sunset
Ao Nang Market

Day 2

Next morning, we woke up fresh and were ready to explore and have fun. We went for breakfast. The restaurant was beach facing and gave a gorgeous view. There was a lot of variety in breakfast and it was tasty too. We took a stroll by the beach for some time after breakfast then we went to our rooms and changed in our swimwear and enjoyed a swim in the pool. The swimming pool was right in front of our room and so we couldn’t resist it.

It was almost lunchtime when we came back to our rooms, changed and went to our taxi that was waiting at the reception porch. We got to know about the Krabi Town Night Market on the previous day and we had booked a cab for the same. Krabi Town Night Market is a very popular market with more than 70-100 stalls serving food and selling souvenirs, clothes, decorative items and much more. You can get everything here at a reasonable price. It only happens from Friday to Sunday.

We reached the Krabi Town a little early and so we had some time to explore the Krabi Town market and a beautiful Wat (Thai Temple). The one in the Krabi Town is called as Wat Kaew Korawaram. It was a beautiful one, clean and well maintained. The interior of the temple was elaborately decorated. The Budhha statue and of other deities were beautiful too. It was almost closing time, so I bowed my head and spent some 5 minutes inside and came out.

The Krabi Town market was already buzzing as the evening was progressing. There were a lot of food outlets but there was one that caught my attention. A lady was cooking a very thin bread (just like a Roomali roti) in an interesting way. I asked and they told me it was Thai pancake! (Watch the video below). There were a couple of more varieties of strange and interesting pancakes and so I was tempted enough to try one. It tasted good! Crispy, fruity and very sweet. We went to a small mall where I did a little bit of shopping and it was finally time for the Night Market.

The biggest attraction of the Night Market is food! It’s a foodie’s heaven! You will run out of space in your stomach but not out of options! I love ice creams! So much, that if they didn’t make one fat and sick in a long run, I can live on them! I was hunting for authentic coconut ice cream and I finally found one. Traditionally, it is served in a coconut shell with the inside of it scooped in slices. This forms the bottom layer and on top of that three scoops of coconut ice cream which is topped off with your choice of toppings. It was the most delicious ice cream I ever had in my entire life! I can still feel the taste!

I spotted a woman selling Coconut Pudding in the market. Impressed by the coconut ice cream, I decided to give it a try. I took one bite and it was tough to swallow it. I didn’t have the palette for it!! The outside layer was fine, it was a green stuffing inside which I couldn’t develop a like for. We did a tiny bit of shopping and then headed back to the hotel. We had a takeaway dinner at the hotel room and by midnight we were off to sleep.

Krabi Resort – View from the Room Balcony
Swimming Pool at Krabi Resort
Krabi Town Market
Wat Kaew Korawaram – Thai Temple in Krabi Town
Wat Kaew Korawaram
Wat Kaew Korawaram
Wat Kaew Korawaram
Wat Kaew Korawaram
Wat Kaew Korawaram
Wat Kaew Korawaram
View of Krabi Town from the Wat
Thai Pancakes in the Krabi Town Night Market
Sea Food Variety at the Krabi Town Night Market
Sea Food Variety at the Krabi Town Night Market
Coconut Pudding

Day 3

The night before we actually booked a tour to James Bond Island. I was really confused on which to go for between Phi Phi and James Bond Island but when we got to know that Maya Bay (the best part of Phi Phi Island Tour) is closed for the tourists, we decided we’ll go for the former. Our taxi arrived at 8:30 at the hotel after picking up some other tourists and we left for Phang Nga Pier. James Bond Island is closer to Phuket and so it took us around 2 hours to reach the pier from where the tour starts.

We boarded the Long Tail Boat at the Phang Nga Pier and after a briefing by our tour guide, we left for our first stop. Before we boarded our boat we bought a couple of raincoats for 50 Bahts for you never know when you might need them. On our way to Phang Nga Bay, our first stop, we saw a huge and very dense Mangrove Forest. The view changed as we entered the Andaman Sea and we could spot so many typical Thai hills and small islands and islets! It was a gorgeous view! The weather started to change and we could see dark clouds gathering pretty soon.

We reached our first stop Phang Nga Bay and there, we went for a canoeing trip. There were a lot of huge rocky islands natural caves. We canoed through a very large natural cave which was very peculiar and intriguing. The water on the other side of the cave was quite bumpy and the view even more gorgeous. Soon our guide entered through a very small cave door and to my surprise, it was a lagoon! OMG! I was very excited and happy! I really wanted to step into the water but we didn’t stay there for more than 5 minutes. 🙁

We came out of that lagoon and to my delight we landed to a small enclosed beach surrounded by rocky hills all around. It was an island called as Koh Talu I had never seen anything like this before and I was so excited that I didn’t want to leave that place! We clicked a few pictures enjoyed for a few minutes and left for our boat through the same huge cave that we came from. The tour operator clicked a picture and I bought it as a souvenir. We boarded our boats and were off to the next stop and main the one James Bond Island!

We reached James Bond Island or Koh Phing Kan in the local language and saw a large crowd there. I headed straight to what I wanted to see after stepping out of the boat. It was Koh Ta Pu! The iconic islet which I had several times in a lot of pictures and videos! I wanted to see it in real life and I was so glad and thankful that I finally did! We were in the middle of the picture clicking session when it started raining. At first, we kept exploring but soon it became a little too heavy that we had to take shelter in one of the caves.

This was the very cave where the movie James Bond: Man with the Golden Gun was shot! There were so many cave tunnels or passages there that left me fascinated and I was exploring inside like a kid! We just had half an hour to explore the island and most of the time got wasted due to the rains. By the time the rain stopped, we had to board our boats again. We were off to the next stop Koh Panyee. It kept raining and drizzling on our way to there and the wind was so strong that our raincoats were torn, well they weren’t good quality anyway.

Koh Panyee is a small island inhabited by around 3000 Indonesian families and what is special about this island is, that this entire village is built on water. It is popularly known as Floating Village! It was still raining when we reached and our lunch was scheduled there. It could be due to rains and cold weather but we got served with a cold lunch. We were very hungry so we ate what we got. The rain was getting harder and harder and it was getting frustrating now.

We had our lunch and spent some time exploring a market inside. It was after one hour that we left for Phang Nga Pier and the rains had finally stopped. We reached the pier and boarded our taxis again for the next destination, i.e., Suwankhuha Temple or popularly known as Monkey Cave. It is a Buddhist temple built inside a large natural cave and the whole premises is surrounded by monkeys. Inside the temple, there is a huge statue of Reclining Buddha and a few more statues and structures. What I loved about it that the cave walls were untouched and not destroyed by any means, just a few lights were added.

There wasn’t just one cave but a few more big and small ones! We visited one more very huge natural cave the walls of which bore the signs of ancient times! These were probably thousands of years old and the turquoise color is a natural one! It was amazing to see something like that! We left the temple for our last stop of the tour, the Waterfall. I don’t remember the name of the waterfall but it was quite a big one and the sound of it was audible from a distance. The water was coming out of a cave and falling in the forest below.

The water was all muddy due to the rainy season and so we decided not to step in but we did have a nice time and snacks by its side. There was a wooden bridge too on that which looked beautiful! It gave a lovely view of the waterfall and the water flowing below. Soon after, we left for our hotels. So tired we were that we bought some food from outside, had in our room and soon fell asleep.

On our way to James Bond Island
Canoeing at Phang Nga Bay
A huge cave at Phang Nga Bay
Inside a Lagoon at Phang Nga Bay
On the small Beach of Koh Talu
Koh Ta Pu at the James Bond Island
Distant View of Koh Panyee “The Floating Village”
Reclining Buddha in Suwankhuha Temple
Ancient Cave Walls
Ancient Cave Walls with that natural color
The Waterfall
The Cave which the water comes out from
The Panoramic View of the Waterfall
The Wooden Bridge over the Water
The Gorgeous Sunset on our way back
The Gorgeous Sunset on our way back

Day 4

We didn’t have anything planned for this day, so after breakfast, we went out in the Ao Nang market and enquired about some more sightseeing places. We got to know about the Emerald Pool and Hot Springs Waterfall, however, they were done in combination with some other places and that was quite expensive. We wanted to see if anyone can give us a tour of just those two places, but we got none. While strolling on the roadside we saw some taxis standing and we just asked a driver if would be interested in taking us to these two places and fortunately, he agreed in 2000 Thai Baht!

There was time and we utilized it by spending it on the hotel’s beach! It was a bright and beautiful day and the water was lovely! At 1 pm our taxi arrived and we left for our first destination i.e., Emerald Pool! It took an hour or so to reach, the taxi was parked and we had to walk to the pool. The entry fee was 200 Thai Bhat for adults and 100 Thai Bhat for kids. Right at the entrance, there was a small pool where a lot of kids and adults were playing. There was a wooden bridge leading to the Emerald Pool which was 1.4 km away. It was very green and peaceful!

On our way, we saw Glass Pool or Sra Kaew and soon we saw the Emerald Pool or Sra Marakot too but with a lot of people inside it! It was a Sunday, so I guess it was crowded because of that! Initially, I was reluctant to go inside but then I couldn’t resist the beautiful pond! It is a natural pool with a lovely emerald green color. The water was very refreshing and clear. I had a swim for about 20 minutes or so. The depth is just fine, I could stand on my tip toes with my head out. Later, we enjoyed the sun on the other side of the pool and then we had to hike our way out through a jungle. This was one the best! It was very beautiful and very peaceful! Loved it!

Our next destination was Hot Springs Waterfall which I was super excited for! I had seen its pictures on Google and I just couldn’t wait to see it with my own eyes! Entry fee for this one was 90 Thai Bhat for adults and 45 Thai Bhat for kids. We soon reached the main entrance where we boarded an e-cart to reach the spot. Just a couple of minutes and we were there. The waterfall was crowded when we reached but fortunately, people started leaving very soon and I found myself in a beautiful spot of that! There were a few bowl like natural depressions in the rock that formed a lovely pool of hot water.

Initially, when I stepped inside the water, it felt too hot. I thought I won’t be able to stay inside longer. However, just after a minute, it started feeling comfortable and soothing. The temperature of the water ranges between 35 to 40-degree Celcius. It was so relaxing that I didn’t want to come out of it! It was like a natural spa! The water calmed my nerves and relaxed my fatigued muscles. I spent around half an hour in there and sadly, it was time to leave. We came back to the Ao Nang Market, I had Dragon Fruit Ice Cream Rolls which was delicious and had a lovely dinner at the Full Moon Bar. Post that, we came back to the hotel room, packed our luggage and went off to sleep for we had a morning flight to catch.

Emerald Pool
Hot Springs Waterfall
Enjoying in the lovely spot of the Hot Springs Waterfall
Dragon Fruit Ice Cream Roll that I enjoyed that evening!

Day 5

We woke up early, got ready, had breakfast and did the final packing and left in the cab for the Krabi Airport. We reached Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport around 11:30 am and had a 6-hour layover. I spent that time exploring the Duty-Free and other shopping areas. We boarded our New Delhi bound flight in the evening and by 11:30 pm we landed at IGI Airport and with this, the lovely trip came to an end.

I was not at all satisfied with the trip! Why? It’s because I wanted more! More days, More time and More Money (Perhaps)!! There was so much more left to explore, so much more to see! When I go back, I will make sure to go to the Phi Phi Island Tour, Railey Beach, tour to the Lod Cave, Crystal Lagoon and watch a Thai Boxing match! These are the major things that I want to see, there are many more that I am not mentioning in this post! A promise to myself to satisfy my heart on the next trip to Krabi! Fingers crossed and hoping for the best!

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport

That was all for the Krabi Trip and Unsatisfied Me story and I really hope that you all enjoyed reading it and found it of any help. Below are the three videos of my Krabi Travel. Do watch them to see more of my Krabi trip. Please like, subscribe and share!! I will be back with another adventure or travel story very soon! Have a blessed day!! B-Bye!!


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