Meitu’s BeautyPlus Me App Launch and my Review!

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Let’s accept the fact that sometimes we aren’t looking our best, sometimes we have that unwanted zit on our face or we are tired as hell and that shows on our face and under our eyes. Even if everything else is perfect, sometimes we just don’t get proper or good light! So how do we click better photos!

There are several photo editing apps available but to choose the best one that could do the job and still doesn’t make you look fake, is important. I may have a great news for you all in that case.

Meitu, one of the world’s leading photo retouch and virtual makeup app developers, announced the launch of BeautyPlusMe on Google Play in India. BeautyPlusMe allows consumers to create beautiful and natural looking photo and video selfies easily. With the use of this app, one can erase blemishes, smoothen skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, add filters and special effects, blur photos and so much more. A one stop shop for ‘makeup-in-your-pocket’, this app is definitely going to be every girl’s best friend. The app is already available for download for android users. The app includes 18 photo filters, multi-face recognition for group selfies, special effects for background edits  and a popular one-touch auto-beautification feature.

Installed on more than 120 million mobile devices worldwide, BeautyPlus has become one of the world’s most popular FREE photo retouch apps. With the launch of its lighter version – BeautyPlusMe, Meitu anticipates to connect with a broader base of selfie takers in India, where limited phone memory and mobile connectivity often makes it challenging to download and install too many apps.

I have used BeautyPlus in the past and its amazing! I really loved it as it gives you the best natural looking photos and with the launch of the lighter version it can help many people take their best selfies or even edit pictures. Since the app is available only on android phones, I downloaded the app on my other phone which is android. Downloading took only a minute and on the first page gives you two options as shown in the picture below.

Meitu's BeautyPlus Me App Launch and my Review!
Meitu’s BeautyPlus Me App Launch and my Review!

My Experience!

With the option Selfie you can click a selfie with the app’s camera and the resulting picture will be auto-retouched. It will improve the light, makes the skin look smoother and brighter. One major thing that I loved about this selfie option is that while making the photo look beautiful it doesn’t makes your eyes weirdly bigger. I hate that feature when I had tried other photo editing apps. It keeps the photo close to natural and you don’t look like a plastic doll.

Selfie taken with no makeup on and in bad lighting, looks better with this app!
Selfie taken with no makeup on and in bad lighting, looks better yet very natural using this app!

The other option is Beautify, you can chose any existing picture in your phone and edit it using a variety of options depending on what you want to correct. There are several options like Auto, Smooth, Tone, Acne, Slim, etc which you can use and make the picture look better.

Features on the bottom from Auto to Enlarge.
Features on the bottom from Auto to Enlarge.
Features on bottom from Enlarge to Crop.
Features on bottom from Enlarge to Crop.

Now I am not a person who would heavily edit the picture but if someone wants to they can do that in this app. The features I mostly use are Smooth, Acne if there is a zit on my face, sometimes tone, when there is not enough light and crop. You can always use the slider bar to decrease or increase the amount of the effect you have chosen. See picture.  I do however, feel that the options like brighten and enlarge were a little more unclear on how to use them, as I struggled even when I wanted to try those features out. Thankfully I don’t use those ones and I doubt I will ever have to, so I am okay with that.

Meitu's BeautyPlus Me App Launch and my Review!
Meitu’s BeautyPlus Me App Launch and my Review!

Coming to the filters, it has some of the beautiful filters ever! I personally love the filter Sweet the most! There are others that I really like a lot. Again you can decrease or increase the intensity of the filter using the slider bar. You can make them look natural or edited, none of it is bad. Sometimes we do love certain filters on how they make the picture look better than original! 🙂

Using the filter "Sweet". Drag the slider bar to increase or decrease the intensity of the filter effect!
Using the filter “Sweet”. Drag the slider bar to increase or decrease the intensity of the filter effect!

Some more eminent features of the app BeautyPlusMe are –

  • Advanced Facial Recognition: BeautyPlus Me automatically applies the most flattering filter and retouch effects based on users facial features, for flawless selfies in a snap.
  • Live Auto Retouch: Using advanced augmented reality tools, BeautyPlus Me users can experiment with different retouch tools before shooting their photos.
  • Skin Retouching and Smoothing: Retouch skin tone using our exclusive skin smoothing makeover tool, while the blemish remover erases pimples and other skin problems with just a tap.
  • Eye Perfecting: Eliminate bags, dark circles and brighten eyes to make them pop in photos.
  • Smile Enhancing: The teeth whitening tool brings out the smile’s natural beauty so users can take a perfect selfie with a clean smile every time.
  • Direct Social Share: Supports instant sharing with many popular social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Line and others.
Overall Rating
  • User Friendliness
  • Editing Options


I love the fact that this app is easy and convenient to use and makes the photo look better in an instant. You can choose the editing option based on your mood and it will certainly leave you happy! I am sure you won’t need to use a lot of options to make the picture better, just two or three or a filter can do the job! This is certainly the best editing apps I have ever used! I loved BeautyPlus earlier and BeautyPlusMe is lighter and equally amazing! Highly recommend you all to try this app!


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  1. thanks a lot for such an in-depth review along with your experience & sample image, anyone will feel really confident about this app if they read your review. thanks

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