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The sweater is a classic element in any man’s wardrobe. You can ditch a jacket if you have a nice sweater and yet retain a formal look. Sweaters come in different guises, from printed ones to solid colors and patterns that accentuate your torso. Sophisticated and Effortless Sweaters are not boring anymore, and you can combine them to create hot and trending looks with your own individual twist. Preppy, smart and effortless is in when it comes to the latest casual fashion. Pair patterned sweaters with dark jeans and vibrant sports shoes or sneakers make an eye-catching combination. A casual shirt underneath is an ideal foil for this look. Sweaters can also be worn with a jacket on top along with your favorite denim and a nice pair of slender boots. This classic look is a guaranteed head-turner.

Sweater Looks

Crew-neck sweaters allow for a more casual style statement. Dark crew-necks go perfectly with a cotton shirt, pair of light chinos and loafers. A V-neck sweater is a more formal look. You can even suit up and throw in a classic v-neck sweater in the mix. If you are dressing for a formal occasion, dark colors are usually more suitable. Sweaters for men come in a wide range of designs and fits. This season look for light materials and vibrant patterns that can be a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Blended fabrics and cotton are great for warmer climes and if you need some for cold weather then opt for luxurious cashmere or woolen sweaters.

Play with Patterns

Sweaters come in several interesting knits, from plain ones to ones with cables and interesting patterns. Diamonds are a great choice and can be the center of your look. Combine them with light trousers and a pair of converse for a laid-back retro look. Different patterns like checkered and black and white designs are also top choices for those who rock the sweater look, just make sure that the rest of your outfit is simple and solid for balance.

Make a Style Statement with Sweaters and Sweatshirts | Men’s Fashion | RougePouts

Sweatshirt Fashion

Sweatshirts are normally an afterthought, something that reminds you of comfort wear, rainy evenings and college. That grey sweatshirt is more than just nostalgia in your closet though! Throw in a shirt underneath or a peacoat over it, and you are suddenly trending! The sweatshirt goes perfectly with a pair of joggers, another fashion item that is gracing the streets and fashion magazines alike. Comfort is a fashion statement in itself- it is about how well you can pull it off without looking lazy. Dark sweatshirts can be worn with a pair of skinny chinos and sneakers and voila! – you are hitting the correct street-style notes with the most basic wardrobe elements.

Sweaters and sweatshirts for men are among the most comfortable pieces of clothing available. Explore new styles on abof and mix and match with your favorite garments for a unique look. Enjoy diving into a new wave of trends focused on blending the suave and the casual.

Make a Style Statement with Sweaters and Sweatshirts | Men’s Fashion | RougePouts

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