Look Of The Week: Minion Costume!!

Hey Everyone!! Wish you a very happy Halloween!! Just on the occasion, I thought I’d share a quick and easy DIY Halloween costume with you guys in my Look Of The Week series!! This is a very easy “Minion Costume” inspired from the movie “Despicable me“!! It is very simple!! You’ll need a yellow beanie, a full sleeved yellow tee, denim all overs, black gloves and black boots to create the look!! The typical minion glasses can be made by PVC pipes by cutting them in in an angle to fit on your nose, glue them together and put an elastic band for tying it around your head you can glue handles of any waste or old sunglasses or eyeglasses. And that’s it!! Your quick last minute DIY Halloween costume is ready!! Rougelipsblog Hope you all like this idea!! 😀 Have a great time all of you!! XOXO


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