Look Of The Week : Color Blocking on a Rainy Day!!

Hi Everyone!!

Here comes the second look, which actually is the look of “this” week, since “Red Fever” was already posted on my Facebook page, before posting on the blog.

Monsoon arrived here quiet early and the rain is really hitting hard since a month. At some locations of the world it might be raining already and at some it will be raining soon enough. How to dress well in a rainy day has been all in my mind during this week, so I thought I’d share a look for this weather!!

When I think of rain, bright and neon colors come to mind instantly and these colors look amazing on a rainy day!! The colors look brighter than usual, fresh and fun!!

This look includes a neon yellow top paired with a bright blue high – low seam skirt, a pair of orange gum boots and a heart shaped red umbrella. To tone down the look a little a tan cross body fringe bag has been added.

Look Of The Day : Color Blocking on a Rainy day!!
Look Of The Day : Color Blocking on a Rainy day!!

I hope you all like this look 😀

Have a blessed day!! XD


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