Look Of The Week: A Romantic Dinner Date!!

Hi Everyone!!

Today I’m back with yet another look of the week!! This week’s look is very classy and romantic. I have combined the red – the color of love with black and gold accessories.

The dress is in bright tomato red color with classy silhouettes and defined waistline.  I’ve added a pair of black ankle platform heels with the inner part of the heel being red, complimenting the dress! A black frilled bow clutch bag makes the look a little more dressier!! In accessories just single but beautiful bow ring does the magic and a gold cuff bracelet adds a statement!!

Since the dress is a statement in itself one doesn’t need too many accessories to make the look beautiful. Just one or two statement pieces are enough to make the look strong yet beautiful!!

Look Of The Week: A Romantic Dinner Date
Look Of The Week: A Romantic Dinner Date

I chose to call it a dinner date because this look will suit more aptly during night time.

And as I always say, its not necessary that this look can be worn only during dinner dates, but can be carried in any night parties or any occasion or time one feels like!!

Dress up the way you want to, because you are different and special!! 🙂

Hope you all like this look!! 😀

Have a beautiful and loved day!! XOXO


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