IAmPowerIEmpower Campaign | Say No to Self Objectification

According to the objectification theory, objectification is the act of equating a woman to their bodies. According to the same theory, self-objectification occurs when women start viewing themselves from a third party perspective, with their appearance being on the forefront of their minds. 

After reading the above definition or explanation of the word Objectification, you must be getting flashes of how and when it happened with you. How many times have you taken other’s perspective or suggestions for yourself without thinking about what you feel about a situation! It has happened to me too and still does sometimes, but is that okay? No, I would always say no!

It is no surprise that women, throughout these years,  have been objectified in media. It has now become so common, we might fail to even spot it.  After mainstream media setting beauty ideals with certain portrayals, social media has only amplified this culture. With the photo heavy lives on social media, many women base their feelings on what occurs around them, subsequently getting influenced by the same. This might cause them to self-objectify. It also leads to unhealthy comparisons with not just celebrities, but also peers and acquaintances existing on social media, which is found to be even more harmful. With everyone documenting the highlighted reels of their lives, social media tends to become a place for comparison more than one for inspiration.  We are not here to compete or feel inadequate about ourselves.

How many times have we taken an initiative to tell someone what we think makes them beautiful or inspiring? We spread a lot of negativity online, why not spread some love? Let’s not let social media trick us into believing that anyone’s life is perfect. Every woman has a special quality! In other words, everyone is good or very good in at least one thing. Let that be your power! Let that be the parameter for how you see yourself and down the line, people will too! I am a beauty blogger, makeup is my power. When I do makeup looks or create any new look, I feel amazing about myself! I always feel beautiful. Having said that, over the time I have become extremely comfortable in my skin. I don’t mind going bare face anywhere, absolutely anywhere! Why? Because I know I am beautiful!! That’s my Power!

We are not here to compete or feel inadequate about ourselves. From empowering others comes the feeling of empowering oneself. Join us for the #IAmPowerIEmpower Campaign on Instagram. Go to @IMPOWEROFFICIAL on Instagram and follow a few simple steps. Your participation has the power to make someone smile. Know how it feels to be appreciated while you’re consumed in comparisons,  make someone experience the same.

  1. Upload your individual image to show yourself some love.
  2. Tag a peer or social media acquaintance in the image. Now surprise them by telling them how they inspire you or what you think makes them beautiful.
  3. Don’t forget to use the Hashtags #IAmPowerIEmpower, #ProjectIMPOWER and tag @IMPOWEROFFICIAL in the post and photograph.
  4. Nominate a few fellow women to do the same.
  5. If you have a private profile, DM us with a screenshot of your participation so we can view it.

Let’s take little steps together. Let’s be critical of what we consume or absorb from social media. Let’s honor our own and everyone else’s expression of themselves. Let’s choose to slowly free ourselves from these comparisons. Let’s choose empowerment.

Watch this video attached below to get a feel of the campaign!! Never be too harsh on yourself!! You are amazing!! Love yourself always!! <3



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