Happy Women’s Day!!

I can’t be enough proud to be a woman!! She is smart, Intelligent, Stronger than anyone can imagine, She is talented, organized, nurturing, caring, loving and she has got the best managerial skills ever!!

Whoever tries to feel a woman bad of herself either has been blind or in an illusion or is pure jealous!! At these times when today’s women is raising her voice against sexual offenders and molesters, this Women’s Day special commercial from makes me feel even more powerful than before!! I am a woman and I am power!!

Happy Women’s Day!!

Go explore yourself and your qualities!! Chase your dreams and never let anyone say that you are good for nothing, because they wouldn’t have been alive and born if we were not there!! Claim what’s yours and live your life your way!! You don’t have to ask for your freedom, for you were born free!! 

Enjoy the video and feel proud of your existence!!


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