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As children, we have always have been taught to be good and do good to others. We grow up and sometimes these values take a back seat in the race of a corporate or professional world. But then sometimes they come back in a few people in the most unexpected way! And some of them inculcate these values pretty early in their life and keep working towards them their whole life! These few people become The Good Crusaders!  

There are a lot of good crusaders working day in and day out to make this world, environment, etc a better place to live in. Everyone has picked up one thing they are passionate about and work towards them. They have one thing in common; they want to bring a change! Starting with small they aim to the eventual big ones! 

100 Pipers has come out with a great tag-line, which we actually should keep reminding ourselves! Be Remembered For Good! This is a beautiful message! We get a life and it always has a purpose. We need to figure it out. And it doesn’t mean that it has to be a big one or it has to come early. Whatever stage of life is it, whenever it comes, embrace it and work on it. When we do good to one, it gets multiplied! The positivity and change spreads. 

Our society is somehow going in a wrong direction and we need a change of behavior, outlook and habits. One of the good crusaders named Shaheen Mistri shared a story of a man named Julio and a girl named Priyanka, that touched me to the core! Today we have hate mongers everywhere! We need more love, more compassion towards each other. Especially in today’s times. How giving selflessly can change the other person and inspire him/her in return to do the same! There was a very important statement in Julio’s story – We are always taught to be nice to each other, but we don’t see much people being nice to each other. Theoretical messages don’t really work in real life if they are not practiced! We need to be what we teach so that it’s a common practice rather than a special moment!

Women like Chetana Gala Sinha and Sumatra Abdudali had different goals and had to face a lot of different kind of struggles but they have one thing in common. They both want to bring a change in this society. Either by empowering the rural women or by fighting against illegal sand mining.

The Good Crusaders | Be Remembered for Good | RougePouts

Now when we talk about humans and their rights and people working for them, we shall not forget about the rights of animals, the wild creatures. We need the big cats and small bats. We need those flies and bees and whispering trees! The jungle is what we need to have a good quality of life as a human! We humans cannot survive without animals and trees and the forest and rivers and so on. The soon we realize and protect it, the more the better for us and our future generation.

These men like Bittu Sehgal and Abhishek Ray they are doing as much as in their power to protect the ecology including the forest and the animals and to educate people who have forgotten to live with nature! We are so mechanized in today’s time that we have lost the tolerance and sharing nature that our ancestors had. Every creature needs to live in harmony and no one shall rule or threaten another. It happens only when we stop attacking each other’s territories. If we take away the home of the animals they don’t any choice but to come into a residential or urban area. They have nowhere to live because their land was taken by us in the name of urbanization or infrastructure development. 

Development is highly important and so is the infrastructure, but we have to devise a way to keep the forest and the jungle and rivers the way they are, pure and clean and we develop around them. The balance should always be there! Harmony should prevail.

This video compilation of the Good Crusaders will give you an insight about their work and how they started and how anyone can get started and do their bit. It doesn’t have to be big, every small contribution to the society and nature gets noticed and helps. I am highly inspired and I have been giving something like, clothes or footwear etc in my capacity to those who were in need and also towards garbage disposal. I am completely against throwing garbage of any kind on the roads or any place for that matter! It should go in the dust bin. I always carry a dustbin bag wherever I go, so in case if I can’t find a dustbin I keep the garbage in the bag. Now I am going to expand it even more to spread love and compassion and to work towards nature and forest. I love nature and I am a traveler too, I love to travel to places who are much more closer to nature rather than commercial ones. I love mountains, rivers, snow, rains, lakes, grasslands, plateaus, hills, meadows and every animal to an insect in the wild. I will do as much as I can to conserve their habitat and spread greenery to my neighborhood. You can also do anything you have a passion for and Be Remembered For Good!! 

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