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Being a dancer in my life outside the internet, my focus has always been on keeping myself fit and healthy. However, no matter how much you want the life to be smooth and without problems, it really isn’t! If you’re not strong enough or make mistakes while dancing or working out, you get injuries. Some of them heal on their own with some rest but some are not that easy to heal and need expert attention and intervention.

So, I injured myself a long time back and believed that taking rest or avoiding that workout would heal me, but I was wrong. The pain was gone, but it always came back when I wanted to do the same stretch or workout. This time, I knew I needed expert help and so I decided to go to aktivehealth Advanced Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center.

I had fixed an appointment with a doctor for the consultation over the phone. The facility was great! It had a pretty big gym with all the workout machines, some specialized for specific body parts. I met the doctor and told her about my injury. She asked me a lot of questions around that and then figured that I should go for a functional test that will determine what are the problem areas and if there is just one or some more.

aktivhealth Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre
aktivhealth Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre
aktivhealth Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre

The functional test was done by a sports doctor. He had a list of tests to be done for the entire body which included the joints and all the movements of upper and lower body. Sometimes I had to just move my arms, head and waist to and fro to determine any existing tightness or discomfort and sometimes I had to do workout poses like squats, lunges, push-ups and balancing on one leg. These are just some examples, there were a lot of them and it took around half an hour for the test.

The functional test determined that my lower body was weaker than the upper body. There were strength issues to be precise and I knew that because my workout was affected after I injured myself. After the analysis by the doctor, she advised me sessions with another sports doctor. The gym in aktivhealth has specialized equipments that are meant to make every body-part stronger and functional.

aktivhealth works on the principle of giving active therapy along with the passive one. The passive therapy relaxes the muscle in trouble and the active sessions make that muscle stronger to avoid the same trouble coming back and increase the functionality of the same. This is what I really like and want! People should not just get healed but get better in movement and strength!

The session was on another day and it was scheduled for half an hour only. All the sessions here are taken on a one-on-one basis. What I mean is there is always a personal trainer taking the session while monitoring you and guiding you throughout! I love this part because you really need the trainer to watch you in case you make any mistake or you’re doing the workout wrong.

My session started with some warm-up exercises. My entire workout session was done with BOSU a balance trainer. We did a few workouts and activities that involved mainly my lower body. The doctor discovered that I had balance issues and my reflex-action was low. Therefore, all the workouts or activities were focused on correcting these two problems. My workout included shuffle on BOSU, balancing on it, high knee march, mountain climbers keeping the BOSU upside down, catching and passing balls while balancing on BOSU and an activity to train my reflex-action in which the trainer was either pushing me or pulling me and I had to keep maintaining my balance on BOSU. I took a little time to understand how to that but later I did and I was getting better at it!

Shuffle on BOSU
Holding a Plank on BOSU
Mountain Climber on BOSU
Balancing on BOSU
High Knee March on BOSU
Catching Medicine Balls while Balancing on BOSU
Catching Medicine Balls while Balancing on BOSU
Reflex Action Training on BOSU

Soon the half an hour session was over and I was pretty happy with it. I discovered why I couldn’t do more than 2 pirouettes in my dance! It was all because of less strength in my legs and balance issues. The trainer was great and pretty helpful. This was just one session and I believe the more the sessions the more the improvement there would be. The doctor, who I had a consultation with, was great too. She gave a good ear to my problem and asked a lot of relevant questions.

The session did help me find the problems I didn’t know about earlier, however, the problem I mentioned the doctor still remains unaddressed. Probably I have to go again and insist on addressing the problem I intend to treat and the rest of the issues can be taken care of either later or simultaneously. I love the concept of aktivhealth and the doctors and the training sessions are great but for me personally, I wasn’t satisfied completely as I wanted my injury to be the focal point of treatment. I am sure if I insist a little they will treat that area as well. It was just one session, so I am hoping the others will come right on track!

I would certainly recommend this facility to anyone who has any problem that hinders the natural body movement regardless of your age. These poeple will not only treat it but keep it up and running! 🙂


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