DIY Winter Potion for Extremely Dry Skin

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I almost forgot to share my DIY winter potion recipe that I mentioned in my earlier post here. This winter potion is very easy and simple to make and is quite affordable too. Its one thing that I cannot live without in winters. My skin gets extremely dry, both body and face. This potion gives a deep moisturization leaving my skin super hydrated, soft, supple and youthful! So let’s get started with it!

Things you need-

  1. Glycerin
  2. Lemon juice
  3. Rosewater
  4. An empty bottle or any container
DIY Winter Potion for Extremely Dry Skin
DIY Winter Potion for Extremely Dry Skin

Method – 

  • Take equal amounts of glycerin and lemon juice. Pour them into the empty container one after another. You will see that glycerin and lemon juice are separated, that’s perfectly normal.
  • Then take rosewater, the quantity will be half of what the lemon juice was; and then pour it in to the container.
  • Shake rigorously until everything blends together making it one mixture.
  • That’s it! Its ready and apply it on your face and body (where ever its very dry) every night before going to bed and wake up with amazingly soft and glowing skin!

The finished product!

DIY Winter Potion for Extremely Dry Skin
DIY Winter Potion for Extremely Dry Skin

The glycerin in the mixture makes it a little sticky, but I don’t mind because I have developed a habit of it. Its something I can certainly forget about, keeping in mind how amazing it makes my skin. I have noticed that it keeps wrinkles at bay too! I start using it around mid December and continue using it till end of March. After which I switch to my regular morning and bed time skin care routine.

Hope you all like it and find it helpful.

Have a superb day!! XOXO


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