DIY Spring Nail Art Series|Pointy Stripes

Hey guys!!

Today I have the third DIY nail art in the series for spring. Its very easy and looks very pretty!! So let’s get started in the tutorial!

Things you need!

  • Base and top coat
  • Any two colors of nail paints
  • Scotch tape
  • A pair of Tweezers

Step by step process!

  •  First apply a base coat to protect your nails. I used Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing 4-in-1 Nail Treatment.
  • Next I took two shades of blue nail paints (you could use any color of your choice). One was a light mint-ish blue Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint in the shade Blueberry Ice and the other one was a dark and shimmery blue, Revlon Nail Enamel in the shade Duke Blue.
  • Next paint your nails with the lighter shade first. This is because if you paint the darker shade first the lighter one’s pigmentation will not come very good. The dark nail paint will peek through.
  • Once the light mint blue nail paint has dried up, take the scotch tape and start cutting very thin triangles. Something like in the picture below. Cut a lot of them at once and put in on the edge of glass top or a table or anywhere for your easy access.
  • Now place the scotch tape stripes on your nails horizontally with the pointy ends in one direction. You might need three or more depending on your nail’s length. Leave a good portion of the tape unstuck so that you can pull that later.
  • Next paint the dark blue nail paint on top of your nails covering all of it.
  • Take the tweezers and gently, slowly and carefully remove the tape from your nails. You will see the striped pattern left behind. Pull the tape gently because the tape might break and can ruin your efforts.
  • Let the nail art dry completely and then paint them with your top coat.
DIY Spring Nail Art Series|Pointy Stripes
DIY Spring Nail Art Series|Pointy Stripes
DIY Spring Nail Art Series|Pointy Stripes
DIY Spring Nail Art Series|Pointy Stripes

That’s it! Easy! It is a little time consuming, generally nail arts are time consuming, but it won’t require you to draw something which I don’t think I possibly can!! 😀 Mine is not that neat and my pinky finger’s tape broke and it got bad. May be you guys can be more neat that I was! 😀

Hope you all like it and try it! Will be back with more!!


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