Currently loving.. <3<3

Hey Everyone!!!!

Hope you all are doing fantastic!!

Today I thought I’ll share a few things that I am currently loving. It’ll be so much fun!! At least I believe so 😛

The first thing I’m loving is this coffee mug or sipper! OMG!! Its so amazing!! I love the color theme!! It screams coffee!! The grip attached to help us hold it when its too hot is a great idea. The quality is amazing! The mug is ceramic and the lid is silicon. Because the coffee remains covered all the while, you won’t get any stains inside the mug due to drying of coffee. Isn’t that great!! The best part is that this mug was a surprise gift to me by my dearest hubby. Who doesn’t love surprises!! ;D At least women do!! Thank you hubby!! 😀


I’ve also been loving the two Starbucks coffee flavors lately! Caramel Macchiato and Mocha Frappuccino. OHHHH YUM!!!!! Both are so different and so good!!!!! Just love them!!!!


And the last but the best thing I loved is my visit to Sephora!!!! Wooohoo!!!! Its a Mecca for all the cosmetic lovers!! Great brands like Benefit, MakeUpForever, Stilla, NYX, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Soap and Glory, all under one roof!!!!!!!! It’s just amazing!!!! Waiting Urban Decay products to come and it’ll be complete! 😀


Hope you all enjoyed this little random post. I really love sharing anything that I’m loving or any great experience I had!

So you guys have a lovely day and I’ll come back with more posts!! 😀


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