August Favorites!!

Hey Everyone!!!!

The month of July was a little roller coaster for me and I wasn’t able to post my July Favorites, which I so wanted to do. 🙁

But I’m back this month anyway with my August Favorites!! 😀 I love posting this post and hope you all love it too!!

This month I have a few beauty favorites, one hair product, one body product and two food favorites. So lets’s jump right in to see what are they!!

Beauty Favorites!!

  • My first beauty favorite is Chambor’s Vernis A Ongles nail paint in the shade – Paris Delight (#210). Its a very bright pink nail paint that almost looks like neon pink!! I love the way it looks on my nails!! Its quite opaque and only one coat will be enough.
  • The next favorite is my Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in the shade Coral Flush. I love coral shades a lot and this month I loved it more!! Its very moisturizing and gives a very pretty sheer color. Baby lips have been my favorite ever since I first tried them!!
  • Another product that I’ve been loving and using a lot the past month has been this Lip and cheek stain from Oriflame in the shade Raspberry. I love the pigmentation! It gives a great color to the lips and cheeks!! In the rainy reason when you don’t want to wear powder blushes, these stains are so easy to use and give a long lasting color to cheeks and lips!!
August Favorites!!
August Favorites!!
L – R  Baby Lips lip balm – Coral Flush, Oriflame Lip and cheek stain – Raspberry and Chambor’s Vernis A Ongles nail paint – Paris Delight (#210)
Chambor’s Vernis A Ongles nail paint in the shade – Paris Delight (#210)
  • I have two more lip favorites this month and the first one is the Faces Go Chic lipstick in the shade “Candyfloss”. It is a very pretty nearly nude color for everyday wear. The lipstick has a great color payoff and is very creamy. Creamy enough to break easily, as mine did. 😀 But its very moisturizing and I love the color!!
  • My another favorite lip product is the Inglot matte Lipstick in the shade # 401. I recently bought this lipstick and it has been my favorite since then!! OMG!! I love the color very much!! Its such a pretty classy retro orange color that can be worn with almost any look!!
Top - Faces Go Chic Lipstick - Candyfloss Bottom - Inglot matte Lipstick - 401
Top – Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Candyfloss ;Bottom – Inglot matte Lipstick – 401
  • I have two favorite eye products. The first is Maybelline Colossal Kajal. Its great for the waterline and tightlining the upper lash line!! Just a thin line and my eyes were ready!! Love the kajal very much!!
  • Next favorite is the Lakmè Fantasy Shimmer Liner in the shade Glimmer Blue. Honestly I love this eyeliner!! It gives a great pop of color to the eyes and adds a little glamour and drama to the eyes!! I love playing with different colors on my eyes!! The lasting power is fantastic!! It had stayed on my eyes for almost more than 6 hours!! Its a great product!!
Top - Maybelline Colossal Kajal; Bottom - Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner - Glimmer Blue
Top – Maybelline Colossal Kajal; Bottom – Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner – Glimmer Blue


  • Besides the make-up products I have one hair and one body product as favorite this month. I’d like to talk about the Park Avenue Beer Shampoo first. I got this shampoo may be 3 months back and initially didn’t use that much. But later when the rainy season struck and I had to wash my hair when they weren’t oiled I thought may be this shampoo will work better in the situation. And I was right!! Its a mild shampoo but lathers great!! Smells exactly like beer (Though I really hate the smell of the beer, but the shampoo doesn’t have the beer scent as strong as it would be in the real beer. Thanks God!!) Its tolerable. The packaging is in the shape of a pint bottle and the color is similar to that of a beer. The results were really great during the rainy season because it was gentle on my hair, did not frizz my hair and gave a very beautiful and healthy shine!! I’ve used it so much in the past month that its almost over (As you can see in the pic :)) In short, I’m impressed with the shampoo!!
  • My next favorite is the Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion with Shea Butter. Ohhh It smells Amazing!! It smells exactly like the Marks and Spencer’s Cocoa Bean body butter and Vaseline Cocoa Butter body lotion. Though this one doesn’t smells as strong as the latter ones, but I love the scent!! It is a great moisturizing lotion!! I have a super dry skin and it keeps me moisturized pretty much the whole day!! I use it on my heels after taking the shower and they are super soft!! I Love this one and have been using this the whole past month!!


Food Favorites!!

  • My first food favorite is this Mango Candy Yogurt Snowflake!! OMG!! When I went to this outlet “Chai Time” I wasn’t sure what will I order, since I’m not a tea drinker! But they had this snowflake in their menu and I decided to try one. I still remember my fist bite!! I swear it was the yummiest ice cream I ever tasted!!!! I crave for it every now and then!! I love it!! Its super delicious!!
Mango Yogurt Snowflake
Mango Candy Yogurt Snowflake
  • My next food favorite is “Mishti Doi“. This had been my staple after every meal the whole month!! It is the most delicious sweet yogurt!! I super love it!!
Mishti Doi
Mishti Doi

Those were all my favorites for the month of August!!

Hope you all enjoyed the post!! 😀

Stay tuned for more!!

Have an amazing day!! XOXO


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