Asia Cup 2018: How to Play Fantasy Cricket At 11Wickets & Earn Money During Asia Cup 2018

Even though the Indian team is yet to complete their grueling tour of England, the buzz around the upcoming Asia Cup tournament is already up and strolling. With just a few days left before the event begins in the UAE, cricket fans across the country are gearing up for what will be weeks of pure cricketing entertainment. And while spectators will be closely following the tournament, some of you’ll also be pinning your hopes on fantasy Cricket, specifically, to help you earn a little something on the side. Fantasy Cricket is basically an online sport that allows users to create a fantasy team of cricketers who are taking part in the tournament, in this case, the Asia Cup 2018.

You earn points according to how your players perform on the field and at the end, these points will decide your overall performance compared to other players inside the league. One such game where you can show off your expertise is 11Wickets. One of the bests element about the sport is that not only can you take part in a fantasy league but can also earn cash (lots of it) if you play it properly.

Asia Cup 2018: How Play Fantasy Cricket At 11Wickets & Earn Money During Asia Cup 2018

What is 11Wickets?

Off lately, there has been a considerable talk about 11Wickets and how to win money just by playing it properly. While 11Wickets is just like any other fantasy cricket game, you can earn cash by becoming a member of the existing leagues and paying an entry fee. 11Wickets allows its users to participate in any match by creating their 11-member group. These fantasy matches are simply an extension of the matches that going on in reality during the Asia Cup 2018.

Once you have created your team and also you join a league, the tables keep on changing depending on how your players perform in the match. This will ultimately decide how much cash you earn once you’ve got joined a league. Your aim is to earn more than what you have invested and that’s why we will also tell you a way to earn cash smartly while playing 11Wickets during Asia Cup 2018.

How To Set Up 11Wickets Account In Time For The Asia Cup 2018

In order to play this extremely addictive fantasy cricket game, you will first have to sign up for 11Wickets account. Log on to and click on sign up at the top right corner of the website. You can either register via your Facebook or Gmail accounts or you could manually enter all of the information. Once your email address and passwords are filled in, click on sign up and you’re set. Remember you need to be above 18 years of age to participate in cash contests.

Once that is done, you need to verify your 11Wickets account via entering your mobile number. You will receive a one-time password on your phone variety which will verify your account. If you open the ‘My Account’ tab, you will be able to track your earnings and balance. However before you can actually start earning, you will need to submit and verify your PAN card.

Upload your PAN card image, number, name, date of birth and state. It’s going to take at the least 24 Hours for your PAN card to be verified. Once this is done, you can connect your bank account to withdraw money. But even though it takes 24 hours for your PAN card to get verified, you can still play and earn money through 11Wickets but will be unable to withdraw any money.

How To Join The 11Wickets Asia Cup 2018 Fantasy Cricket Contest

While there’s an option of playing without any cash involved, the stakes can be pretty high in some games. Getting started with 11Wickets fantasy Cricket Contest is fairly simple. Log on to your 11Wickets account and select any one of the upcoming matches. In this case, the Asia Cup 2018 opening matches between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Once you choose that you will have to create a team within a budget of the allotted one hundred credits. Remember that you will need to pick one wicketkeeper, 3-5 batsmen, 1-3 all-rounders, and 3-5 bowlers. As soon as this is achieved, you’ll have to select your team’s captain and vice-captain who will give you twice and one and 1/2 times the total points respectively.

You can create unlimited teams to take part in a single game while you can also join multiple contests with the teams you have created. Every cash contest will have an entry fee to join. The points that you will earn will be according to how your player performs inside the match. Do not forget you can also get negative points too. Your final position in the league at the end of the match will decide how much money, if at all you have won in that particular match. All contests close at the time of actual match starts.

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