April Empties | Part – 2

Hey Guys!!

Here I am with the second part of my April Empties! This part includes majorly of bath and body products, a couple of skin care and a couple of beauty products. So again, I will be listing down the products I finished using ,what I think about them and if I would like to buy them again! So lets get started!!

  • The very first product I’m going to talk about is the L’Oreal Paris Hydra Fresh Hydrating refreshing Creamy Foam. I started using this face wash when winters started and it got finished just a month ago! It lasted quite a long time! A very little amount is needed and its quite foamy. The face wash is actually hydrating, doesn’t dries the skin at all! It doesn’t leave any residue behind, doesn’t clog pores and keeps the skin feeling clean and smooth! I would recommend this to people with dry to normal skin and people with combination skin for winters! I would certainly want to get it again for winters and spring!
April Empties! Part - 2
April Empties! Part – 2
  •  The next product is one of my new favorites! Its the Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in the shade Cherry. I never tried Nivea lip balms before, I was always skeptical about their pigmentation, because I don’t really like non tinted lip balms unless they come with a flavor. This one is really a moisturizing lip balm, keeps my lips moisturized for more than 6-8 hours!! Pigmentation is awesome! More than a lot of well known lip balms I have tried. I am really going to get some others from Nivea now! I do recommend this lip balm to everyone! 🙂
  • Another beauty product I finished using or may be I should say retiring, is the Maybelline New York Ultra Liner in Black. Its a glossy finish liquid eyeliner. I’ve had it since a very long time and now it wasn’t any good. I would say it an okay eye liner, but I bought it a couple years back and now we have so many great options. I haven’t been using it for quite a long time, so it was best to throw it away. I would not recommend this now, since we have better eye liners from Maybelline and other brands.
  • Next I will talk about Neutrogena Fine Fairness Toner. It was a bottle of 150ml, I got it in August, 2013. It lasted for a very long time! I finished the bottle in April! WOW!! It does a fair job in toning and cleaning away any residue on the face. I’m really not concerned about the fairness part. duh! It is a good toner, do give it a try. I might get another bottle, but I love trying other ones too! 🙂
April Empties! Part - 2
April Empties! Part – 2
  •  I finished up three small bottles of Body lotions in last 3-4 months. The first one I finished up was the Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Body Lotion. This one is best for summers!! Very light weight, smells like fresh cucumbers, keeps me moisturized all day!! I really love this one! I am still using it, but a bigger bottle this summer. 🙂 Highly recommended!!
  • The second one was the Vaseline Total Moisture Pure Soye Stratys+. I have already talked about this one in the Part – 1 of the April Empties. You all can check it here – http://goo.gl/zqxGFC In short, I super love it for winters and spring!! 😀
  • The third one I’m going to talk about is the Vaseline Healthy White Lightening Visible Fairness Body Lotion. I guess when I bought this I mentioned in that Haul post that I picked these lotions in all three colors and never realized that it was fairness lotion until I started writing about it. I really don’t go for fairness creams or lotions. Anyway, this lotion has a little watery texture, smells okay, but not very moisturizing. Its an okay product for me. On application, it feels like powder mixed in water, kind of wired. I won’t buy this one again and won’t recommend as well. But if guys want to give it a try, please do.
April Empties! Part - 2
April Empties! Part – 2
  • Next are a couple of hair products. The first one to talk about will be L’Oreal Paris Color Protect Protecting Shampoo. The shampoo is meant for the colored hair to make the color last longer. I didn’t see it doing the job that much. It was an okay shampoo, initially it was working good on my hair, but later my hair started becoming dry and frizzy and so I decided to try a different shampoo and my hair had its life back! So I don’t like the shampoo that much and I will not buy it again, unless it comes back improved.
  • I also used up the L’Oreal Paris Color Protect Protecting Conditioner. The job of the conditioner was similar to the shampoo and also to keep the hair moisturized. It had the same story, initially it was working fine, but later it did nothing for my hair. So again, won’t recommend and won’t get it again.
April Empties! Part - 2
April Empties! Part – 2
  • The last three products I’m going to talk about are body washes. The first one would be Nivea Pearl and Beauty Body Wash. I really like Nivea’s cream body washes, they are really hydrating, lather up really good, last for quite a long time and smells really great too! So yes, I love it, recommend to all and I will keep coming back to this one off and on! 🙂
  • The second is the Vantiv Bath Essentials Shower Gel Lemon. I had never heard of this brand before, I got this in my October 2013 Fab Bag. The smell is exactly like a lemon. And I decided to use it in March. Its a good shower gel, lathers well, smells good, leaves the bathroom smelling like lemon for a long time. I couldn’t make out what good it did, but it didn’t do any bad at least. So I’m happy! I might get this one again if at all I can find it. You all can try it!
  • The last product of my Empties post is Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter. I have said it so many times in my blog posts about how much I love Olay body washes! They are my favorite out of all!! There is no Olay body wash I have encountered which is not good. They are awesome, so creamy, lather amazingly, you need a very little amount, smells heavenly, very hydrating and yes lasts very long!! I love them and will continue to love them!! I highly recommend these body washes to everyone!! A must try!! I will certainly buy them again!! 😀

Here comes an end to all my April Empties!

Hope you all find the article useful and enjoyed reading it through! 😀

Have a marvelous day!! XOXO


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