April Empties | Part – 1

Hi Everyone!!

For last couple of months I have accumulated a lot of empties! So today I will be sharing which products I finished using up, what do I think about them and if I’ll repurchase them. So let’s get started! 🙂

  • I will talk about the Pond’s White Beauty tan removal scrub first. I got it because I was told that it was a gentle everyday foaming scrub that doubles up as a face wash. I will say it did not work for me. I don’t know about how others feel, but in the very first week my skin broke out, I discontinued it for a few weeks and then came back to it to finish it up. I used my cleansing face wash after using this scrub so that It doesn’t breaks me out again. It left residue and didn’t clean that well. So I would not repurchase it.
April Empties!
April Empties!
  • I finished my favorite Maybelline Colossal Kajal. I have lost count of how many I have used till date. I would say that it is not completely smudge proof, but still is better than many kohls available in the market. I use waterproof eyeliners for an intense look but using kohl has been an integral part of Indian culture and I will always continue using it!
April Empties! Part - 1
April Empties! Part – 1
  • I also finished up my Neutrogena Lip moisturizer with SPF 16. It is a non tinted lip balm just like a chapstick. It has no scent or taste. At first I really liked it, but later my lips chapped horribly and I could not make out the reason and this lip balm could not help them heal at all. Personally I don’t like chapsticks but I still wanted to try and see if it was good. It might be good but again didn’t work for me so I will not be getting this one again.
  • I got two sample of this Eau Thermale Avene anti-aging cream long back. I had been using this cream in my night time skin care routine and I loved it! It made my skin smooth, my skin looked healthy in the morning. My skin was glowing and there was a visible difference! I am still using the other sample which is left. After that is over I think I will get a full size of this product. 🙂
  • I finished up using the Vaseline Total Moisture Pure Soye Stratys Body Lotion. This body lotion has become an absolute favorite of mine specially for the colder season. It is very moisturizing, smells really good, moisturization lasts long and is not super greasy or thick. 😀 I am going get a bigger bottle of this the next cold season!!
April Empties! Part - 1
April Empties! Part – 1
  •  It was the first time that I tried Yardley London Charming Princess Body Spray. I was always skeptical about these but I have to say that this is the best scent I have used till date! I have got so many compliments on how I smell. Its a very fruity and flowery smell!! I love it!! I already have bought another bottle and I think I will continue using it!! 🙂
April Empties! Part - 1
April Empties! Part – 1
  • Now coming to the bath products. As you all might already know that I LOVE Olay body washes!! I used up a body wash which I really loved! It was Olay Moisture Ribbons Body Wash + Moisturizing Creme Ribbons. This body wash smells so good!! It is really moisturizing, leave no residue and lather excellently!! Just a tiny amount will lather up for the whole body!! I will always keep coming back to this one, it’s awesome!! 🙂
  • Next I’m going to talk about Park Avenue Beer Shampoo. I got this shampoo during summers last year and I guess this was the first product that I finished using. I liked the shampoo because its mild and adds some shine to the hair. I did not use it very frequently, but only when I wanted a mild treatment. I am not really sure if I want to buy it again. I may or may not buy it again.
  • Another shampoo that I finished using up is TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo. This shampoo was meant for rough, dry and frizzy hair and it did do its job!! I really like the shampoo! Using the Keratin smooth conditioner weighs my hair down, so I stopped using its conditioner and shampoo alone was doing a great job!! I am certainly going to get this shampoo again!!
  • The last product I’m going to talk about is actually not an empty. I got this Fiama Di Wills Total Damage Control Conditioner, used it may be 3-4 times and I hated it! It did not work for me. It made my hair horribly frizzy and dry and I experienced bad hair fall! I don’t really have a hair fall problem, but this conditioner was damaging my hair and I started losing a lot of hair! I realized after a couple of weeks, so I skipped this conditioner and my hair was back in good condition! I actually am throwing this whole product in the garbage bin. 🙁 And I guess you would know by now that I will not be buying this conditioner ever again!

That is all for the first part of my April empties!

I will be back with Part – 2 of the same very soon!

Hope you all like the post and find it helpful! 😀

Have a splendid day!! XOXO


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